{Download kindle} The Secret History of Magic: The True Story of the Deceptive ArtAuthor Jim Steinmeyer – Bilb-weil.de

I m a big fan of Steinmeyer s other books on magic, stage illusion, and the entertainers who practiced it so I pre ordered this months in advance I m disappointed in the writing style, lack of new material, and a general attempt to discount religion and belief in chapters with a semi philosophical style I thought this was a book about the Deceptive Art but I think it misses the mark in lots of ways There are an awful lot of assumptions and vague statements about the subject I was hoping to learn about I ve had to put this one down repeatedly for weeks at a time as I haven t found it an enjoyable read It feels like the writers struggled with their own basic premise in creating a cohesive history I m at the halfway point now and I stopped to write this review To be honest I may never finish the book I ll give future books another shot from the authors but I recommend you avoid this one. This book helped me better understand the art of magic as practiced by two professional magicians I know I love and appreciate their tricks, whether table side or in front of an audience, and this book informed me of the importance of the magician viewer interaction which enhances the experience. I love magic and books about magic, so I picked this one up on the day it came out I learned a few things, but ultimately it fell short of what I was expecting First, its mostly text with very few pictures Most books on the history of magic have a lot of pictures because it is a visual art It lends itself perfectly for that type of work This didn t have as many pictures so it won t be as attractive to a general audience, but it also isn t a scholarly work.The authors attempt to cover a lot of ground in a short space They succeed, but ultimately its a cursory look at many different areas and people, with not a lot of depth.There are two areas where the authors did some really good work, that I haven t seen in other books on the history of magic First, they correct the erroneous view that people used to not know what magic was They give many examples of different people being very aware of what a magic trick was even hundreds of years ago, dispelling the common narrative that the lay audience only recently realized cards tricks weren t real magic.In a similar way, the authors also introduced a couple of magicians that I had not heard much about before Again, not much information, but a good launching off point if you want to move on from this book.Worth picking up if you love magic, but not for the general fan There are better books for anyone looking for a general history of magic, but this is a good one to add to your collection if you already own a few of those. I was surprised that the two authors, with extensive credentials, could produce such a blah book It is indeed, a history, but after the first few interminable chapters, detailing everyone who said take a card it begins to get heavy on the eyes The writing style is very poor, with constant repetitions throughout In deference to the conjurers, I presume, no explanation of how the tricks were performed is given The endless parade of names and bios of magicians from many years past, got old very quickly I had much greater hopes for this book, but alas, it fell short. I ve just finished reading this book and enjoyed it immensely Lamont and Steinmeyer make some remarkable revisions in the history of conjuring, based on fresh research particularly on conjuring s early history The authors correct tales initially based on inadequate research and repetition that have stood unquestioned for over a 150 years The book is an eye opener, an enjoyable read and an important correction of the record for conjuring history. Pull Back The Curtain On The Realhistory Of Magic And Discoverwhy Magic Reallymatters If You Read A Standard History Of Magic, You Learn That It Begins In Ancient Egypt, With The Resurrection Of A Goose In Front Of The Pharaoh You Discover How Magicians Were Tortured And Killed During The Age Of Witchcraft You Are Told How Conjuring Tricks Were Used To Quell Rebellious Colonial Natives The History Of Magic Is Full Of Such Stories, Which Turn Out Not To Be True Behind The Smoke And Mirrors, However, Lies The Real Story Of Magic It Is A History Of People From Humble Roots, Who Made And Lost Fortunes, And Who Deceived Kings And Queens In Order To Survive, They Concealed Many Secrets, Yet They Revealed Some And They Stole Others They Engaged In Deception, Exposure, And Betrayal, In A Quest To Make The Impossible Happen They Managed To Survive In A World In Which A Series Of Technological Wonders Appeared, Which Previous Generations Would Have Considered Magical Even Today, When We Now Take The Most Sophisticated Technology For Granted, We Can Still Be Astonished By Tricks That Were Performed Hundreds Of Years Ago The Secret History Of Magic Reveals How This Was Done It Is About Why Magic Matters In A World That No Longer Seems To Have A Place For It, But Which Desperately Needs A Sense Of Wonder