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An Unlikely Champion An Unprecedented Accomplishment A Powerful Story Of A Man On The Verge Of Becoming A Legend At A Time When The Nation Needed Every Hero It Could Get In The S, Bobby Jones Did What No Golfer Had Done Before And What No Golfer Has Done Since He Won All Four Major Championships In One Year This Dominant Performance Earned Him Untold Riches And The Adoration Of The Public He Had Two Tickertape Parades To Commemorate His Achievement He Dated Starlets He Became One Of The Best Paid Men In The Country At A Time When The Depression Had Ravaged The Economy Then, At The Top Of His Game, He Quit The Sport He Walked Away One Of Golf S Greatest Writers, The New York Times Best Selling Author Curt Sampson, Focuses On The Golf Season And How Bobby Jones Changed A Country, How Jones Exemplified An Era, And How His Own Personal Demons Threatened To Swallow Him Whole, Even As He Performed Unparalleled Feats On The Greens A Must Have For Golf Fans, The Slam Captures The Essence Of An Era Equal Parts Compelling Sports Biography, Sweeping Social History, And Stirring Human Drama

3 thoughts on “The Slam: Bobby Jones and the Price of Glory

  1. Lowcountry girl Lowcountry girl says:

    I am puzzled at why Sampson would set out to deminish Jones and his family I noted that some of his facts are actually completely different in other books that are exhaustively researched such as Mark Frost s book The Grand Slam and others I have read including Down the Fairway by Jones himself Even if everything negative he came up with was true it isn t really very much in light of the great man that he was He was a man of impeccable character but he was a human being He was sensitive and conscientious, intellegent, honest and gracious above all.Even so, I enjoy reading anything about Jones which has led to my reading of other books of this era and books about Walter Hagen etc I enjoyed the pictures.

  2. S. Conner S. Conner says:

    A marvelous look at the pressure that a champion athlete faces as he attempts to achieve something never done before Few accounts offer the depth Mr Sampson does as to the pressure Bobby Jones faced and the turmoil he experienced as he attempted to win the 1930 Grand Slam.The Bobby Jones of The Slam is a fellow you would want to play a round with and then drink a round with, and not the marble statute of most golf hagiography Jones comes across as talented, driven, conflicted, troubled, yet handling the pressure with grace and resolve.Mr Sampson has a cynical side to his writing, and it comes out in this book in his accounts of Jones and the USGA Mr Sampson spends a significant amount of time in explicit and implicit references to a controversial ruling on the next to last hole of the 1930 US Open The ruling may have kept Jones from missing first place However, as much time as Sampson devotes to what is arguably the critical point of the 1930 campaign, he still does not fully bring the point home The ruling was based on a local rule, and Sampson suggests that the rule was not made evident to the players Yet Mark Frost s biography of Jones indicates that all players were made aware of the rule Who is correct Sampson talks about players complaining about the ruling, but who were the players Supposedly the ruling not only saved Jones a stroke, but placed him in an exceptionally advantageous position for his next shotbut from Mr Sampson s description I could not get a good fix on the geography A map would have been helpful.A good book, and a book that does Bobby Jones a service in making him human again, but often hampered by the author s tunnel vision about The Ruling and the man who made it, Prescott Bush Yep, the future US Senator and father and grandfather to presidents.

  3. Buck Dossey Buck Dossey says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with The Slam I have come to enjoy Curt s books over the years, but this one is his best, by far