[[ books pdf ]] The Sound of Music Family ScrapbookAuthor Fred Bronson – Bilb-weil.de

In March , excited audiences watched as Julie Andrews appeared on the hills outside Salzburg, singing and dancing her way into the hearts of seven children and their widower father, before making a daring escape from the Nazis Since that first moment, The Sound of Music has been embedded in the DNA of a generation But what was it like to be part of all this For seven children and young adults, the summer ofwas a magical one, spent in Salzburg, Austria with their parents or guardians, the film s stars and director, and last but not least each other This book tells their story, both during the filming and once the movie was released It features behind the scenes photography and images of memorabilia they have cherished and preserved over the years, including letters home to their families in America, a page from the script with edits marked in the margin, and a ticket to the world premiere If you ever dreamed of marching round the fountains singing Do Re Mi, or dressing in a playsuit made from drapes, you will love this enchanting story of how seven boys and girls became a family and how they have kept that closeness for overyears