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From New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown comes a sweet romance about finding a place to truly call homeBeing broke, unemployed, and stranded back in the tiny town of Pick, Texas, was not part of Jancy Wilson s plan Yet here she is, watching her car literally go up in smoke along with her last ditch hope of staying with her cousin in Louisiana When Jancy spies a Help Wanted sign hanging in the window of the quaint Strawberry Hearts Diner, the memories of the two years she spent there as a teenager and the lure of the diner s beloved strawberry tarts are enough to draw her in and plant her feet but only temporarilyRaised by parents who refused to settle anywhere for long, Jancy has never known what it is to have roots Now that Jancy s swept up by the warmth and character of this quirky little community and by the pull of an old crush it s beginning to feel like home She s making friends and even discovering the sweetness of falling in love But when the town is threatened, Jancy knows it will take than its legendary tarts to save it Can she fight for this little Texas town knowing she might not stay forever

15 thoughts on “The Strawberry Hearts Diner

  1. jacdales jacdales says:

    Loved this book I felt home sick for a place I d never been I didn t want it to end but did so I could find out that all turned out well One criticism the end could have been a bit less rushed and a couple of extra chapters would have been better.

  2. Henry's Lady Henry's Lady says:

    From the first paragraph I was hooked This is a lovely, feel good summer read It was all so predictable, but what the heck We need a little escapism in our lives sometimes, and this is it I just want to visit the diner now and sample one of those delicious strawberry tarts

  3. Findlay Findlay says:

    I cried most of the way through this book, which proves that I loved it I liked that it had an epilogue and a happy ending.

  4. Eileen N I Eileen N I says:

    I enjoyed this story It is a very warm small town tale and I will look out for books by this lady

  5. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Liked this story very much and the setting was nice friends and staff all together sticking together and strawberry hearts making you think of romance

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I loved reading this book is was so easy to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next , it s a book with a real feel good factor.

  7. nancyproco nancyproco says:

    Too American for me I gave up part way through.

  8. Kath Brown Kath Brown says:

    Gave up on this book as it was all about people surviving bed experiences It was too near to real life.

  9. Mrs F Anderson Mrs F Anderson says:

    What a really good book, my first by this author, kept me focused on the story.

  10. Ailsa Ailsa says:

    Fantastic book Could almost see the diner on a dusty back road in the south of USA.

  11. Barbara Clarke Barbara Clarke says:

    A nice easy read with believable charcters with charming ways a feel good book

  12. mrs lynne pettman mrs lynne pettman says:

    I had never read any of her books before I really enjoyed it couldn t put it down Will read of her books

  13. Jockette61 Jockette61 says:

    Ideal no brain required read for holiday poolside Very superficial, no surprises The US version of Cartland

  14. sub sub says:

    very sweet little story with a delightful ending, a good Sunday afternoon read

  15. Annette Annette says:

    Loved this book.