{Download eBook} The Tale of Jeremy Vole (Riverbank Stories, #1) Author Stephen R. Lawhead – Bilb-weil.de

The Great Blue Heron Has Given Home Loving Jeremy Vole News Of An Impending Flood, And He Doesn T Know What To Do How Can He Warn All The Creatures On The Riverbank Will They Listen To Him A Great Adventure Is About To Begin Ages

10 thoughts on “The Tale of Jeremy Vole (Riverbank Stories, #1)

  1. Sommer Sommer says:

    This is a really sweet, delightful story about a introverted vole named Jeremy tasked with informing his animal friends about an impending disaster I think this is a wonderful book for kids, and that it has a important message.

  2. Matthew Hodge Matthew Hodge says:

    I ve owned this one since I was a kid but finally got a chance to read it to my 5 year old It was a simple but surprisingly powerful story.A vole named Jeremy is approached by a large bird, the Great Blue Heron, and told to warn the creatures of riverbank about an impending flood.The problem is, none of them want to believe Jeremy or necessarily believe in a Great Blue Heron And even when the w...

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    Jeremy is a very quiet vole who likes nothing better than staying quietly in his snug home on the bank of the canal During his early morning swim one morning, Jeremy bumps into the legendary Great Blue Heron, who commissions him to warn the Riverbank about the terrible flood about to hit them All Jeremy wants to do is hide in his safe little hole, but he knows that the lives of the other animals depend on him.I found this to be a truly delightful and inspiring sto...

  4. Peter Jones Peter Jones says:

    So, the kids were finally amenable to continuing They didn t beg for it, but when I said The End, they were disappointed So, reasonably successful I thought it was a well done children s chapter book.

  5. Beca Lufi Beca Lufi says:

    I loved this as a kid

  6. Wes Bishop Wes Bishop says:

    Excellent books One of those stories I come back to every now and again This is my favorite in the series.

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    A delightful adventure of Jeremy Vole and his attempt to save others from an impending flood.