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In The Thief, we follow the story of Gen who is imprisoned because he stole the king s seal ring and boasted a bit too much about it This deed even impressed the king s scholar, the magus, who wants to go on a journey to retrieve an ancient artefact to secure the king s reign Gen is offered this contract in exchange for his freedom, but little does he know what awaits him on this journey.Released in 1996, The Thief even received the title Newbery Honor Book, which marks the most noteworthy children s literature books aside from the winner of the actual prize, the Newbery Medal.My edition contained an extra comment by the author stating that she was inspired by Greece for the world in The Thief And even if you don t know this going into the book, it gets very obvious very soon Not only the landscape resembles Greece but Whalen Turner also drew inspiration from the huge pantheon.The world building itself felt rather forced and jarring for me in the beginning We learn that the people that used to live in one country were conquered, but then those people in turn were conquered as well and it just gets overly complicated rather quickly The whole first half of the book features only the group s journey from the capital to the place where this ancient artefact is hidden, which is naturally used by the author to explain the world, its three countries and their conflicts If the book hadn t had only 280 pages, I think I would have stopped reading during this first half It s totally fine to make this journey such an important part of the story after all, even LotR tells the story of an epic journey to destroy the ring and to let the reader explore the world that way, but please try and make this journey at least a bit interesting The whole first half consisted mainly of riding, staying at inns, washing and eating Over and over again But if the story isn t compelling enough, at least I expect the characters to be interesting und multi dimensional Sadly, that s not the case.Apart from Gen the thief and the magus, there are three characters that accompany them on this quest We have Ambiades and Sophos, two boys who are apprentices of the magus himself and ought to get to know the world during this journey And the last member of the group is the brooding veteran soldier bodyguard stereotype named Pol The interactions and learning sessions between the magus and the two boys are one of the many plot devices the author uses to explain the world and its conflicts My major problem with the group s dynamics was the interaction between the magus and Gen One day, the magus treats Gen as if he weren t even human, the whole group massively bullies him to no end and he isn t even alloud to ask questions or take part in the lecturing process Then the following day, the magus treats Gen like he treats everyone else and Gen is even alloud to tell his version of an old story There is at no time a comprehensible, well developed character dynamic, which makes the characters seem very shallow and unnatural.Since the book is rather short and we spent so much time learning about the world, the story is relatively limited and nothing you haven t already seen in other books Again, since the book was published in 1996, this could have been very different back then Nowadays, there are so many stories containing thieves and warring kingdoms that this story itself didn t grip me.Another thing that really irked me was the way the author portrays women in this book The group that embarks on this important journey consists only of stereotypical men and in the last chapters of the book, we finally get to meet women that seem to be important for the overall book series However, and I m saying this as someone who is not overly bothered and picky by such things in books, the most important thing about both women was their beauty or lack of it And the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that the plain woman felt that she let her people down by not being pretty We only get to meet her in one chapter, and that s one of the most important things to tell the reader about her I know the book was already published in 1996, but why did a female author need to fall so deeply in the trap of writing stereotypical characters with such a bad female portrayal Overall, I think the author may have lost herself in the description and development of her world instead of creating a well paced story with interesting characters and character dynamics The book s only purpose is to introduce the reader to the world and to build up for the following books, which I have now no real interest in reading. After Instead of Three Wishes, I impatiently waited for another from Turner It was worth it The Thief is all I could wish for Peeling away the layers, I was captivated with each piece of the truth that Turner and Gen calculatingly or reluctantly offered up By the end, I couldn t wait to read it again this time, out loud to my then six year old It remains one of our favorite books of all times.The Thief is beautifully, carefully and lovingly written, with every phrase working to carry the story and shape the characters Not a word is wasted from Gen in his cell, studying his feet in the air above him, until the final moments I ll reveal no secrets here It is clear that Turner loves her stories and works diligently to put them out there for us to love as well I thank you, Megan Keep writing Abbie and I are waiting. Only once in a lifetime does a thief get to steal the world s most guarded object, and Gen is getting this chance Imprisoned inside the king s dungeon for stealing his seal, he is called upon to help retrieve Hamiathes s Gift It is said that the owner of this precious stone will rule Eddis, the kings neighboring country The stone is hidden deep beneath a river inside a dangerous labyrinth Every attempt to steal this stone has ended in death Except for four nights of the year the cave is submerged in water He is forced to ride day and night even with the infected wounds on his arm from prison bars Too weak to travel they must stop frequently delaying their arrival at the cave They arrive during the second night of the four night period in which the cave is drained of water, leaving only three nights for Gen to find this precious stone Even though Gen is said to be the best thief in the world all other attempts have failed Guarded by the gods of the world Gen s chance is slim Even if he does succeed, each individual of his group has plans of their own Filled with adventure, betrayal, action and comedy The Thief is a book everyone should read. This book is great Gen says he can steal anything, but can he steal the special stone that, after it was lost, no one knew the whereabouts of until now Gen is stubborn, witty and determined not only to fetch the stone from its hiding place, but to also be treated as than just a tool used in the King s service As he wends his way towards his treasure, not knowing what adventures would come and not even knowing for sure where he was going, Gen learns about his companions though he, at first he never thought them friends enough to call them companions through the stories they all tell of the old gods These, stories, I think are the best part of the book, for they are myths that could, in real life, have been myths They also add some color to their travels Piece by piece the story is put together, and all the missing pieces are put in place Mysteries are solved, and surprises you might never have guessed sneak up on you. I really liked this book a lot I read it for Battle of the Books At the beggining I was a little apprehensive because it didn t sound very good, but after the first chapter or two I had a keen interest for the story that was unfolding This theif is able to out whitt everyone, and although he seems to have the biggest disadvantage of everyone, he manages to pull it off with suprising turns at the end. 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