[Free kindle] The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Judo Champion: For Judo Coaches, Judo Parents, and Judo PlayersAuthor Rhadi Ferguson – Bilb-weil.de

The Goal And Desire To Become An Olympian, A National Champion, A Youth Olympian, A Junior World Champion, A Senior World Champion, A State Champion, Or To Just Achieve Your Black Belt In The Sport Of Judo Requires A Few Things One, It Requires That You Have Goals, And Not Just Any Goals, But The Right Set Of Goals It Also Requires That You Have Desire So Many Parents, Coaches, Students, And Clients That I Ve Had Over The Years Had The Right Amount Of Desire But Just Did Not Know How To Harness That Desire And Which Goals And Milestones To Pursue At The Right Time Becoming A Champion Is Just Like Making A Cake A Little Too Much Of One Thing, Or Too Much Of Another, Or A Missing Ingredient Can Throw Off The Entire Desired Outcome And While This Audiobook Is About Becoming A Champion, It S Not Just About Medals Medals Are Nice, But They Don T Make You A Champion Medals Make You A Medalist How You Govern Yourself And The Way You Go About Your Career And Life As A Martial Artist Is What Will Make You A Champion This Audiobook Is To Give You, The Listener, An Opportunity For Success In The Sport Without Having To Bump Your Head Against The Wall This Guide Was Made To Provide You With Direction, Focus, Goals, And A Behavioral Diet For Success In The Sport Of Judo This Audiobook Was Written In A Easy To Digest Format So That Coaches, Parents, Players, And Enthusiasts May Enjoy It And Glean A Great Deal Of Edification From It Please Enjoy The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Judo Champion

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Judo Champion: For Judo Coaches, Judo Parents, and Judo Players

  1. Edgar Edgar says:

    I read a LOT of Judo books Most are fairly well written This one is very good and has some ideas that I hadn t seen before Worth the price

  2. Jenna Grez Jenna Grez says:

    Another smash hit from super coach Rhadi Ferguson Chock full of hard won wisdom from a lifetime as a world class athlete and coach

  3. S. Marsh S. Marsh says:

    This book should be part of the guT check for every athlete in a minor sport.If you can accept the advice here you will have faced understanding the true cost of success If you balk at any step or cost it is a sign you need to focus on something else.Too many people don t realize what all the parts are For those who do, too many think that they can skip one step or another.That said, a warning The book just tells the simple truth It explains it does not persuade You can read it quickly and ignore it just as fast or conclude it applies only to Judo.But it applies to almost every attempt at peak performance.Take the time and listen.

  4. Alejandro H. Alejandro H. says:

    Would buy anything on judo by Ferguson.

  5. Patrick O. Hardy Patrick O. Hardy says:

    This book is, IMO, Awesome Its not just a guide to becoming a Judo Champion, but a Champion in any form of Grappling in Life I ve known Rhadi over the years through Jiu Jitsu Forums Lloyd Irving These books he has put out are EXCELLENT He has an excellent grasp of what it takes to make in the top circles of Grappling because he s actually done what he talks about Great Read