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Travis Macy Has Summited Glacial Peaks In The French Alps, Rappelled Into Limestone Caves In China, And Raced Through Parched Deserts In Utah In He Famously Won The Leadman Series, A Combination Of Nearly Miles Of High Altitude Trail Running And Mountain Biking Over The Course Of Five Epic Endurance Races Macy Achieved All Of These Victories Without Elite Professional Training Or Even Exceptional Strength, Speed, Or Flexibility His Secret A Precise Outlook He Calls The Ultra Mindset , A Set Of Simple Principles For Daily Life That Includes Embracing Fear, Rewriting The Stories We Tell Ourselves, And Mastering The Art Of Asking For Help By Practicing These Principles In All Areas Of Life, Anyone Can Successfully Achieve Goals That Might Have Otherwise Seemed Impossible

6 thoughts on “The Ultra Mindset

  1. altrarunning1 altrarunning1 says:

    For anyone wanting to get the very best from themselves Travis has dedicated his life to doing just that and shares his mindset, stories and lessons A great addition to my library of running endurance related books

  2. Elyse Paulson Elyse Paulson says:

    Sports psychology basics Good for someone with no background in the area I found it a little basic but really good to introduce athletes to the concepts of an endurance mindset.

  3. Ewan Ewan says:

    Great stories from a legendary athlete Each chapter has a essentially a psychological self improvement task and tips which are useful

  4. Lubbylou Lubbylou says:

    Can t get my husbands head out of it

  5. Oskar Oskar says:

    Great, inspiring book, highly recommended

  6. Gwyn Jones Gwyn Jones says:

    I thought this was a great book full of practical advice that can be applied across all arenas of life I m no ultra runner but so much of this really resonated with me as someone that s training for their longest distance yet a half marathon in my case A lot of the advice here definitely transcends training I feel it could have been applied to just about every hard circumstance I ve faced in life.