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An exciting new writer sharp, compelling and original Mark LawrenceYears have passed since the Vagrant journeyed to the Shining City, Vesper in arm and Gamma s sword in handSince then the world has changed Vesper, following the footsteps of her father, journeyed to the breach and closed the tear between worlds, protecting the last of humanity, but also trapping the infernal horde and all those that fell to its corruptions willing or otherwiseIn this new age it is Vesper who leads the charge towards unity and peace, with seemingly nothing standing between the world and a bright new futureThat is until eyes openAnd The Seven awaken

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  1. Book Lover Book Lover says:

    So, straight off it s not as good as The Vagrant The Malice wasn t as good as The Vagrant But I think that s mostly because this is now telling the story from several points of view well, two usually and the Vagrant was a very simple and straightforward one That said, this is still an excellent story, and definitely worth picking up if you read the first two and do read the first two, and then the short story and liked them.We get to see a lot of the faces from The Vagrant and The Malice, of Vesper, of Reela, of the goat or a goat, a kid in this case , and some new figures the Seven And as antagonists go, they re pretty damn good They re not good, not evil, and I loved the splits and weaves of the personalities They ve all got their own agendas which sometimes align, and sometimes don t I love the part that Reela plays with Delta, and while I felt The Vagrant didn t entirely get the status he s had in previous books, it was awesome to see him back in action.And the ending I wasn t hooked until about 2 3 of the way through, and then I didn t put it down The ending is fabulous.So While The Vagrant is my must must must read, The Malice and The Seven are excellent second and third books, and The Seven certainly rounds off the trilogy nicely The world s chaotic, broken, weird, unusual, strange and enthralling, and the characters are equally wonderful Read all three and marvel.

  2. Paul T. Paul T. says:

    The last book in this brilliant trilogy shows all the characteristics of the first two books powerful imagination, detailed world building, well structured plotting and vivid characters Many of those characters have appeared before, and they continue to develop as they go through some harrowing experiences to reach an unexpected conclusion.Underneath all the pace and action there is also some deep thinking and and an idea that is as controversial and challenging to us as it is to the characters the ultimate need to find common ground between the most disparate people and the bitterest of enemies Because if they don t, none will survive.Read it as an engrossing adventure or deeply as a parable for all times either way, it s highly recommended.

  3. TOMunro TOMunro says:

    The final book draws together the different strands and essences of Peter Newman s magnificent trilogy and builds a fitting action packed climax I consumed it over a weekend, the last two fifths in a single reading session into the small hours of a workday morning.Having finished The Seven and the trilogy, I have now plunged straight back into re reading the first book The Vagrant so I can meet Newman s fantastic feats of imagination the people, the places the things for the first time all over again and appreciate still the beautiful economy of his writing with not a word wasted or misplaced..

  4. disrep disrep says:

    Great ending to a great trilogy I always feel reading this story that the writing style is almost journalistic in its style And it works I love how the Vagrant still retains his distance and we rarely get to see inside his head But still we know him well by the end The back story of the seven is just what was needed to make the series complete Vespa has grown and the world of the Seven needs to radically change to survive It won t disappoint any who have read the first two books and they do need reading first Sad to say goodbye to the Vagrant and the goats

  5. DJM DJM says:

    Simply outstanding is by no means an overstatement The imagination displayed in the universe that Newman has built was incredible from the outset The depth of the characters and the way they have developed over the trilogy has been so absorbing throughout that I was sad to see the end of the trilogy Newman keeps the story moving at a good pace but doesn t skimp on the detail needed to add emotion and meaning to each scene Oh, and I really like the Goat read it and you ll understand.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Great stuff Enjoyable, funny and bittersweet all in one I love the writing style, and how you are left to fill in the details about characters yourself This book features Vesper, the Vagrant and co as the Seven finally awaken, and threaten the fragile peace Plenty of weird and wonderful monsters, high tech stuff and swashbuckling sword work A fantastic finish to the series Highly recommended.

  7. C. Jack C. Jack says:

    Very enjoyable and the only issue I had was Jem He wasn t a good person or father and yet the author seemed oto expect us to find him relatalble.

  8. paul sparks paul sparks says:

    I started reading the vagrant and at first found it difficult to engage, lucky for me I persevered because this trilogy has been outstanding, almost sorry to reach a conclusion

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Well written Well imagined and we ll realised.I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of the vagrant and he thoroughly deserved his happy ending.

  10. M. Clare M. Clare says:

    Loved this series of books The way characters are defined whether human or otherwise is excellent Peter Newman has created a very strange world.

  11. Sal Sal says:

    I couldn t wait to read this and I ve not been disappointed Best if the others in the set have been read Brilliant.

  12. Mike J Mike J says:

    If you have read the others in this series then you will enjoy this one as well, did not want to put it down.

  13. dad of three dad of three says:

    Cracking read Competes the trilogy and advances the world in ways I couldn t imagine at the start Still think the author is a complete b st rd for what he does in an early chapter though but you ll have to read to find out what.

  14. MERC MERC says:

    brilliant read

  15. helen evans helen evans says:

    nice to complete the series.