Read Best The War Chronicles: From Chariots to Flintlocks By Joseph Cummins –

Twenty two centuries of warfare, twenty two wars that changed the world The War Chronicles From Chariots to Flintlocks captures it all inpages enhanced witharchival illustrations gathered from around the world The War Chronicles From Chariots to Flintlocks is the perfect primer for novices while offering seasoned history readers new perspectives on many famous and some not so well known conflicts Each chapter includes a quick reference summary, a timeline, an overview of the war, essays on its principal leaders, a series of short, often offbeat features on aspects of the conflict, and a detailed account of a pivotal battle Author Joseph Cummins highlights pivotal victories that changed nations, from the Norman invasion of England into the Spanish conquest of Mexico in , and delineates defining moments in the development of political philosophies, from Athens defense of democracy against Persian despotism to the championing of equal rights for all in the American Revolution It recounts the heroism of armies and individuals, from the Spartans fight to the death against the Persians at Thermopylae inBC to the Korean admiral who inspired his country to repel a massive Japanese invasion in the s Yet it does not shy away from showing the acts of savagery that characterize much warfare, describing, for example, the trail of devastation left by the Mongols as they cut a swath through Asia and Eastern Europe in the thirteenth century, and the atrocities perpetrated on German civilians by all sides in the Thirty Years War of the seventeenth century Cummins main goal of illustrating the law of unintended consequences is nimbly achieved with gripping stories and lively writing Library Journal