Prime The Welcome Home Diner: A Novel By Peggy Lampman –

Betting on the city of Detroit s eventual comeback, cousins Addie and Samantha decide to risk it all on an affordable new house and a culinary career that starts with renovating a vintage diner in a depressed area of town There s just one little snag in their visionAngus, a weary, beloved local, is strongly opposed to his neighborhood s gentrification and his concerns reflect the suspicion of the community Shocked by their reception, Addie and Samantha begin to have second thoughtsAs the long hours, problematic love interests, and underhanded pressures mount, the two women find themselves increasingly at odds, and soon their problems threaten everything they ve worked for If they are going to realize their dreams, Addie and Samantha must focus on rebuilding their relationship But will the neighborhood open their hearts to welcome them home