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Dorothy And Her Little Dog Toto Befriend The Tinman, The Scarecrow, And The Cowardly Lion As They Travel Down The Yellow Brick Road To The City Of Emeralds Maureen Lipman Cackles Splendidly As The Wicked Witch Of The West In This Acclaimed BBC Radio Dramatisation Of L Frank Baum S Famous And Much Loved Tale

7 thoughts on “The Wizard Of Oz (BBC Children's Classics)

  1. Zack Zack says:

    When you first receive this book you admire how beautiful it will look in your book shelf and there is nothing negative to really say about it.When you read through you discover how much story there is after The wonderful Wizard of Oz story Most people have no idea stories exist You also admire how much of a grand imagination Frank Baum has, considering this is only the first 5 stories.The first 5 stories are The Wonderful Wizard of OzThe Marvellous Land of OzOzma of OZDorothy and the Wizard of OzThe Road to OzI totally recommend this to people young and old I have included some pictures

  2. Greg Chapman Greg Chapman says:

    I love this Remember reading it when I was 9 in 1970 I have got the film, and I have read the book many years ago To my surprise, the story is darker and fuller in this version then the one I read, and this makes it all the interesting, One actually gets to read about the lands surrounding Oz, which is a bonus.If there is a moral in the story, it should be that good will triumph over evil The other thing, is that when everybody helps one another, they will get repaid in some way.It should be noted that the first edition was written in the year 1900, and this is a brave attempt by Mr Baum to write about Fantasy By all the laws he has succeeded, particularly as it gets increasingly clear that Oz is not what he appears to be Perhaps another warning of the story is Don t believe all you hear However, both film and book are timeless classics, This takes pride of place on my bookshelf I am a collector

  3. J J says:

    One star because disappointed that has mixed up customer reviews The main review under this listing shows colourful illustrations that have no relation to this book The illustrations in this book Sterling Children s Classics are few and far between, are black and white and rather uninspiring, adding nothing to a child s reading experience, e.g picture of toto on his own, picture of the scarecrow on his own,,,,I think you get the picture no pun intended Extremely difficult to keep my 4 year old s interest and she currently eats sleeps and breathes the Wizard of Oz

  4. Mrs Helen S Leecy Mrs Helen S Leecy says:

    Well, I cheated on this category slightly as there were no classics that I had been meaning to read so I found one that only had 136 pages and that I knew would be an easy read as it was intended for children I had watched the films many years ago, and they were terrifying The book is very strange it is written very simplistically in children s language, and some of the things that happen could only happen in a children s book For example, they are hungry, so they go up to a random house, ask for some food, they are invited in, given a warm meal and go on their merry way Everyone is happy However, there are other parts of the book that are not that child friendly and are a little like I remember the film to be a bit frightening like when they first encounter the winged monkeys, and they tear the scarecrow to pieces All in all, it was a bizarre read, and I was glad it was no longer than 136 pages, and I could tick this category off my list quickly and efficiently

  5. Customer Customer says:

    The page with the emerald city is marvellous and very well done The whole book is incredible and the art style reminds me of the original books Luckily this book is catered towards children and it has a great pace I bought this as a present for my young daughter and she loved it The intricate details and the way it all moves and connects is incredible Endless fun can be had opening and closing the book and admiring the complexity of the 3D components The story is split up evenly into little bits and pieces on each page and some of the text requires the reader to open up little sections A lot of fun to be had here and it is among the best 3D books I have ever seen.

  6. Rose Rose says:

    Just received this copy of the Wizard of Oz The First Five Novels today It s from the Barnes Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection.Oh my gosh, it s beautiful It s the most beautiful book I own The cover illustration has marginally different colours than in the picture, but I honestly didn t notice until I came back to write this review The title is green rather than red and the soldiers outfits, pictured as red and green, are silver The illustration also has shine than the picture shows The page edges are a gorgeous emerald green colour which was a delicious surprise A childish joy bubbles up in me every time I look at it I ve started reading it, and it feels as magical to read as the story is inside.I have to commend the predominantly yellow and green colour scheme Can you get a perfect pair of colours for a journey along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City

  7. Ally Atherton Ally Atherton says:

    When I was a kid I loved the movie and I remember that I used to fight with my sister at Christmas, who always wanted to watch Peter Pan instead I won, every time, I think But that s a long time ago I have always been aware of the original Oz books but never quite got round to reading them until now, the first one anyway It s difficult to review children s books Only children should review them but as I m a book reviewer I will do a small, quick one.This is very different from the movie but in a good way I found myself enjoying it just as much as I would if I were a kid again Compared to the movie, there are notable differences including the amazing world of china and the hammerhead people and a few gory bits that wouldn t have been included in the movie Other bits appear from the film but in a different order and the tin man is the tin woodsman and the ruby slippers are silver shoes Overall this is a fun read that I m sure lots of adults would enjoy reading too I did This is a proper children s book There are a few morals and themes that come out of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, namely that by helping each other we can achieve but also that we can achieve anything, if we just believe hard enough.I want to go to Oz.5 5