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This book may have less action than the others, but it s far from being the worst in the series Actually, I don t think there even is a worst in the series, they re all so great In this books, Alanna stops being Alan, and starts being Alanna, at last she begins to find out who she is She becomes a shaman, and in doing that she stops fearing her magic so much She finally realizes how in love with George she is maybe as much in love with him as I am , and decides that Jon isn t the right guy for her after all The only thing I didn t like about this book is Jon I know that s the wat it has to be, but I loved him in the first two, and in this one he turned out to be such a loser Unusually enough, he was a lot nicer in the fourth book, but I guess becoming king changed him a bit As for the um, not so appropriate for little kids you know what I mean bits, well, this isn t a book for little kids Alanna realizes that she and Jon only owrked for each other in one way, and it wasn t enough for marriage And if this book disapointed you, well, don t stop readin , the fourth one s the best Ich kenne dieses Buch seit meiner fr hen Jugend Ich war sehr froh, als ich die Kindle Version endlich entdeckt habe. Ich habe als Kind die deutschen B nde verschlungen Gro artige Geschichte von einem tapferen M dchen, was sich aufmachte Ritterin zu werden. The book itself is wonderful, i quite like how Alanna is allowed to deal with important personal stuff, but I really want to know who designed this horrible cheap twilight imitation that is the cover. Wer Tamora Pierce und ihre Tortall Reihen mag wird dieses Buch so oft lesen bis nur noch einzelne Seiten brigbleiben Alanna ist die Grundlage f r die Tortall Welt und die anderen B cher und schon alleine desshalb lesenswert Sowohl f r junge Jugendliche als auch Erwachsene ein tolles Buch. Tamora Pierce ist eine wunderbare Autorin Ich wei nicht, wie oft ich ihre B cher schon gelesen habe F r alle, die starke Heldinnen m gen. Grade The Third In The Song Of The Lioness Series Finds The Title Heroine, Alanna Her Psychic Cat, Faithful And The Older Man At Arms, Coram, Among The Desert Tribes Of The Bazhir Here Alanna Breaks With Tradition By Training Three Gifted Youthstwo Of Them Girlsas Shamans She Also Sets Out To Tame The Evil In A Substitute Crystal Sword That She Suspects Belonged To Her Enemy, Roger, Whom She Killed In Book Two Her Ambitious Brother, Sorcerer Thom, Is Experimenting With Raising The Deadand New Trouble Brews Meanwhile, She Has A Misunderstanding With Prince Jonathan, Her Lover Who Has Assumed Their Betrothal And A Romantic Reunion With George, King Of Thieves A Coming Of Age Fantasy Adventure That Can Be Read By Itself, Thanks To Smooth Backgrounding, And One That Leaves Readers Wanting To Read Further In Either Direction Ruth M McConnell, San Antonio Public LibCopyright Reed Business Information, IncLively And Enjoyable, With A Strong, Vigorous Heroine The Horn BookAlanna S World Is A Harsh One, But Believable This Fantasy Provides Food For Introspection As Well As Flights Of Imagination In A Magical Kingdom Kirkus