{download Best} Theatre and AudienceAuthor Helen Freshwater – Bilb-weil.de

What does theatre do for and to those who witness, watch, and participate in it Theatre Audience provides a provocative overview of the questions raised by theatrical encounters between performers and audiences Focusing on European and North American theatre and its audiences in the twentieth and twenty first centuries, it explores belief in theatre s potential to influence, impact and transform Illustrated by examples of performance which have sought to generate active audience involvement from Brecht s epic theatre to the Blue Man Group it seeks to unsettle any simple equation between audience participation and empowerment Foreword by Lois Weaver

3 thoughts on “Theatre and Audience

  1. JC PhD JC PhD says:

    Theatre people of to talk about theatre as an exceptional medium because it engages with live audiences, but, as Freshwater points out, rigorous scholarship on theatre audiences is thin on the ground Freshwater s book is a clarion call for theatre scholars to pull their heads out of the sand and learn from, for example, television studies, which has been leading the humanities in audiences research for decades As a theatre scholar, Freshwater s book is a bracing and invigorating read It should be required for anyone completing an advanced degree in theatre studies.

  2. T.A. Fisher T.A. Fisher says:

    As a theatre researcher and practitioner, I found this book to be very helpful and instructive in looking at the audience s role in the theatre, particularly for my current research project I also found it very engaging to read, academic without being stuffy or overly confusing.

  3. Lori H. Lori H. says:

    Lucidly written, non partisan, and consistently thought provoking work on a surprisingly neglected topic The ultra short books in this gem of a series are much better value than many longer works on performance theory.