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If you have ever lost a loved one and didn t know how to grieve, then read this book A really open and honest account of someone who has everything and then a big part of it was gone leaving him with 3 children and no idea how to do anything for them Showing that came and fortune are no good to you if You can t cope Rio tells of his mistakes and regrets and how he had to start over again learning to bring up his children on his own At the same time dealing with his feelings that he has not been able to show before Heartbreaking story but an excellent read. Nothing Can Ever Ease The Pain Of The Death Of Someone You Love Nothing Can Magic It Away But If I Can Help Anyone Else Facing What We Have Gone Through, What We Re Still Going Through, By Sharing What I Ve Learnt, Our Loss Won T Feel Completely Meaningless In Former England Football Star Rio Ferdinand Suddenly And Tragically Lost His Wife And Soul Mate, Rebecca, Age , To Cancer It Was A Profound Shock, And Rio Found Himself Struggling To Cope Not Just With The Pain Of His Grief But Also With His New Role As Both Mum And Dad To Their Three Young Children Rio S BBC Documentary Being Mum And Dad Touched Everyone Who Watched It And Won Huge Praise For The Honesty And Bravery He Showed In Talking About His Emotions And Experiences His Audiobook Now Shares The Story Of Meeting, Marrying And Losing Rebecca, His Own And The Family S Grief As Well As The Advice And Support That Get Him Through Each Day As They Strive To Piece Themselves Back Together It Is Written In The Hope That He Can Inspire Others Struggling With Loss And Grief To Find The Help They Need Through This Most Difficult Of Times As the daughter of a widower at age 33, I thought that this book was going to be really hard to read but it wasn t at all To start off I couldn t believe how self centred Rio the footballer was and I felt really sorry for his wife having to put her life completely on hold for him Thankfully he realised this..right when he was having to deal with the devastating aftermath I never saw the programme when it aired but I remember reading of people talking about how great it was and how much it helped other widowers with young children, and I hope that this book helps them too. This book will no doubt help anyone who is bereaved to come to terms with it I lost my father almost 8 years ago and it still gave me something to reflect on But I didn t read it specifically for that What I am therefore most affected by is the courage of a man who had clearly been conditioned a certain way for years to take on such a journey of deep self evaluation, adjustment and personal growth with such honesty I think any human being, recently bereaved or not, can learn a great deal from that May you experience great joy in the years ahead as you continue your journey of discovery about who you are, what is possible as the seasons of life unfold. I didn t see the documentary but heard so many good things about it that I ordered the book I have just finished reading it, in three sittings and between each it has been constantly on my mind along with can t wait to get back to it The incredible part about this book is that a man with a highly tuned psychology for, and an extreme focus on winning, and an inability to lose in his profession as a top sports man has to somehow cope with the biggest losses imaginable losing the lady he cherished most in all the world his wife not once, but twice his mum While at the same time nursing his children through their own pain Incredibly sad but at the same time also inspiring Lots of insight into the mind of a top performing athlete as well as the normality of coping with grief A great read Well done Rio for writing this book to help others when you have been so lost yourself You were searching for answers that your wife knew you already possessed you just needed to believe it Your a brilliant dad thank you for sharing your experience I m sure you have succeeded in helping others in grief Xx I had seen your documentary and cried Your openness in the throes of your own pain and grief are an inspiration The moment I found out you wrote the book I pre ordered it And wasn t disappointed Thank you for your courage and honesty In writing it I hope and pray you found some relief from the constant pain Thank you. This book is very sad I wept buckets for Rio, Rebecca their children For anyone who has lost someone this book is a must Like most people I thought the life of a footballer was a privileged one but after reading the book my heart goes out to Rio