download Textbooks Through Sand & Snow: A Man, a Bicycle, and a 43,000-Mile Journey to Adulthood via the Ends of the Earth By Charlie Walker –

Bought this after Charlie came into my school on two occasions to talk to students He was brilliant to listen to and his book reflects the engaging way he discusses his amazing travels The book goes into detail about his though processes and the emotional side of his journey, which an hour s assembly didn t allow for.I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read than half of it in one sitting Very engaging and easy read Definitely recommend. At Age , Charlie Walker Left Home In Search Of Adventure Fleeing The Boredom That Comes With Comfort, He Set Off On A Secondhand Bicycle The Aim Was Simple To Pedal To The Furthest Point In Each Of Europe, Asia, And Africa He Didn T Train Or Plan He Just Started The Journey Was An Escape From An Unremarkable Existence, A Pursuit Of Hardship, And A Chance To Shed The Complacency Of Middle England From The Brutality Of Winter On The Tibetan Plateau, To The Claustrophobia Of The Southeast Asian Jungle, The Quest Provided Charlie With Ample Opportunity To Test His Mettle Ultimately, Though, The Toughest Challenge Was Entirely Unforeseen Thoroughly enjoyed this saga So much insight into the places he visited Two things could be improved the maps could be a lot clearer and why no photos Books are all about communicating so why not use everything Thank you Charlie for your honesty and your will to keep going I congratulate you A fascinating insight into world travel I enjoyed it all, even the heavy biographical excerpts interspersed amongst this sometimes very dangerous adventure Startling and extremely sad episodes of life in other parts of the world and its history, makes my armchair feel very safe Well written and at times, beautifully expressed I thoroughly recommend. In a very crowded market for this type of book, the writing is above average and the descriptions of travels are very good The characters met along the way bring the book to life Maybe for me a bit too much emphasis on relationship challenges towards the end of the book but equally, other readers may find this perfect for putting the emotional strain of such an endeavour into context Overall, I would recommend and I very much enjoyed this book I expected about the cycling but the fact that the author had covered all those miles I guess was enough to say yes he is a cyclist He gives an in depth view of what goes through his mind when he s on the road sometimes lonely then happy, warm then cold Beautifully described places and things to see I really enjoyed the book An absolutely brilliant book for anyone seeking an inspiring adventure story.I couldn t put this book down It s so articulately written with real humility and honesty I can t wait to read Fabulous book, one of my favourites and I have read dozens and dozens of travel adventures Factual, funny, interesting and gripping A must read.