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For The Last Two Decades, Sports Illustrated S Golf Beat Has Been Anchored By John Garrity, A Tall Midwesterner With A Polished Prose Style And A Droll Sense Of Humor In Tiger And Other Great Stories From The World Of Golf, A Collection Of His Most Sparkling Pieces, Garrity Applies His Powers Of Observation And Unrivaled Imagination To Every Aspect Of The Ancient Game For Past Tense , His Classic Profile Of Tour Star Vijay Singh, Garrity Flies To Fiji To Ask That Country S Strongman Dictator About The Golfer S Secret Past In Home On The Range , Garrity Takes Us On A Riotous Tour Of Commercial Driving Ranges In Askernish Old , Garrity Discovers A Scottish Links Course That Emerges Every Spring, Like Brigadoon, On A Hebridean Sea Meadow

5 thoughts on “Tiger 2.0 and Other Great Stories from the World of Golf: …and Other Great Stories from the World of Golf

  1. Ralph G. Thompson Ralph G. Thompson says:

    If you are only allowed one book on your travels and you are interested in golf then take this one.A collection of articles covering all aspects of golf, all written with the wit and charm of a writer who you feel loves the game.From a downtown rundown driving range to the beauty of the Western Isles of Scotland he manages to engross the reader into his unique and humourous insight of the world of golf.Even if you have no great love of the game I would recommend this book as an excellent read.

  2. Big D Big D says:

    A fine, very fine, anthology of golf writing Garrity is one of the best and it only follows that a collection of his stories would be one of the best as well.Singling out the best of the pieces in this book proves to be very difficult There are exceptional pieces on the usual suspects, Tiger, Nicklaus, Palmer, and others But there are exceptional pieces on Tom Watson, Frank Stranahan, the man who was muscled out of the Masters and many, many others.There are lots of golf anthologies that are read and passed along This is one golf anthology that will be read and put on the shelf It is a keeper Truly a keeper.

  3. chauncey gardener chauncey gardener says:

    If there was any doubt that Garrity is the best golf writer in the business, this anthology should dispel it Much of his most memorable work is here, from the 2000 article that ignited the Vijay Singh cheating controversy, to the 2003 close quarters look at the tumultuous marriage of John and Sherrie Daly, to recent, outstanding pieces on Tiger Woods and Johnny Miller Each seems to be reworked and or lengthened from its original SI form Between the profiles are offbeat pieces on, for example, driving ranges and golf schools the kind of pieces that open up the seams of the recreational game and, with empathy and wit, explore its grip on everyday addict players In all, this is the kind of book that s so approachable and engaging that you re almost surprised when you look up from it and say, Wow it s hard to imagine anybody doing a better job writing on this subject than this guy does.

  4. Albert C Albert C says:

    If the book titled Great Stories from the world of golf it would be ok Tiger story was only mention in chapter 1 It s a mix bag of stories, most are very enjoyable.

  5. Nana M Nana M says:

    A very enjoyable and informative book The author s ability to entertain the reader makes this collection of articles special.