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The Walker in the Valley of the ShadowH was the name he was known by H was unique in the galaxy, for he had the healing touch Where there was plague, sickness, pain, H was the universal cure.But H also had the slaying touch Where he went death and disaster often followed Where there had been health there would be left desolation and desert.The talent alternated It reversed itself and H always warned people of this To live in Italbar or TO DIE IN ITALBAR, that was always the question Zelazny has regained his stride as a first rate writer of SF adventure Locus ,. To Die In Italbar is yet proof If proof I needed that Zelazny was incapable of writing anything that I did not love It is hard for me to even pinpoint why or how his writing resonates so very clearly with me.To Die In Italbar, centers around Heidel von Hymack, a man who has become a futuristic Typhoid Mary He catches diseases all that he is exposed to he becomes a carrier for them He walks around, from planet to planet, a near myth known often only as H His travels have an altruistic motive because, as well as a carrier, his blood is capable of becoming an amazingly effective antidote, to almost everything our story begins when he is on his way to Italbar on a mission of mercy, to rescue a child and we find that he has rigorous practices in place he must go through if he is not to infect people After saving the girl, he makes a misjudgment, people die and then blame him Full of fury at his treatment, he accepts the label that the angry people gave himMeanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy, there are other people becoming interested in H A general of a lost war sees in him a chance to redeem the alliance of worlds of which Earth now a dead planet was once central A dead man who exists by virtue of machines keeping him alive, wonders if his miracle cure might reside within H.But, at the end, it is the writing, the inventive concepts and their sheer beauty, the mixing of science and mysticism the sensitivity to human experience, these things that make Zelazny one of my favourite authors ever I am glad I re read this piece of classic sci fi by one of the masters of the genera. Roger Zelazny once said, If I could kill off one book, it would be To Die in Italbar and referred to it as his worst novel According, of course, to that bastion of knowledge, Wikipedia That may well be, but even a crappy Zelazny novel is better than a whole lot of other things out there This is a short novel, as many of his were, but it s densely plotted The point of view switches often and rapidly between a myriad of characters, and I wondered how they d all get tied together, but by the end they do The story takes place within a completely self sufficient sci fi universe with many populated planets, spaceships, advanced technology, and of course, since it s Zelazny some quasi magical abilities, and odd, alien characters I was particularly taken with Shind, a telepathic companion to one of the main characters, who is never quite described, other than to say her appearance would startle and frighten other human characters Her relationship with the main character reminded me a bit of Merlin and Frakir from the Amber books. ,.