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Total Competition Is The Most Compelling, Comprehensive And Revealing Insight Into What It Takes To Get To The Top In Formula One That Has Ever Been Published Across Four Decades, Ross Brawn Was One Of The Most Innovative And Successful Technical Directors And Then Team Principals In Formula One Leading Benetton, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn And Mercedes, He Worked With Drivers Such As Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button And Lewis Hamilton To Make Them World Champions In , He Was Appointed F S Managing Director, Motor Sports, By The Sport S New Owners, Liberty Media Now, In This Fascinating Book Written With Adam Parr Who Was CEO And Then Chairman Of Williams For Five Years , He Looks Back Over His Career And Methods To Assess How He Did It And Where Occasionally He Got Things Wrong Total Competition Is A Definitive Portrait Of Modern Motorsport In The Book, Brawn And Parr Explore The Unique Pressures Of Formula One, Their Battles With Bernie Ecclestone And The Cut Throat World They Inhabited, Where Coming Second Is Never Good Enough This Book Will Appeal Not Only To The Millions Of Formula One Fans Who Want To Understand How Brawn Operates It Will Also Provide Many Lessons In How To Achieve Your Own Business Goals Brilliant book Probably not for you if all you re interested in is F1 racing However very very interesting if you want to know what happens in the background, how people relate to each other, what thinking is required, how the business of running an F1 team goes on Lots of reference quite appropriately to Sun Tzu The Art of War and how this can be applied to the F1 environment If you thought F1 was a few groups of people racing cars every few weeks then this book will show you what a small but essential part of the whole thing the racing really is From afar I had already formed a very positive and favourable impression of Ross Brawn This book has just served to confirm my view, and to convince me that F1 under Liberty Media is in excellent hands if they let Ross lead it the way it needs to go. I follow F1 since Senna days, and one could not miss the fact that Ross Brawn is a very smart guy, given his work at Brawn GP team.Honda was withdrawing from F1 and Brawn with the help of a Mercedes engine and a brilliant car developed the year before, won the title.What was really a delight for me was to discover in Ross a fine man, with principles and deep caring for people as well as for technical side of the stuff I found some introduction from Parr were too long but the answers of Ross were clear and full of substance Every fan of F1 would love the book as it gives insights much deeper than the regular articles about the sport You get to know also the unseen and ugly sides of Toto and Nikki and Bernie, principles of management and working with people. As an F1 fan, I was interested to get Ross Brawn s perspective on his F1 career, but what I didn t anticipate was to have a book that makes you question your approach to sport generally, business and even relationships.The book is written as the transcript of a conversation, which takes a little while to get comfortable with, but the content is fascinating and wide ranging, with enough advice to count itself a self help or management training book and enough specifics to be interesting to a die hard F1 fan. Middle third is really good lots of insight into the battle for world championships in the 90 s and 00 s If you like F1 its brings alive some good ideas for management with examples of events you ll remember but with the rationale now pulicised First third is Ross s biography which may be known to many readers, final thrid has lost its energy as most management books do as all the points have been made by this stage. Definitely loved the insightful chat between two guys who know the inner workings of an F1 team and Ross s take on what it takes to manage a successful team I found the linking to The Art of War by Sun Tzu didn t really add a lot and maybe spoiled the flow of the book I would rather have read a short summary of Sun Tzu s work and a separate book on Ross and Adam s F1 experiences.I preferred the Adrian Newey book. A really well written, easy to read, manual for success As an MD of a U.K technology company, I could relate my day to day issues to so many of the books solutions and proven methods As an interesting aside, I was reading the book when who should sit next to me in the train carriage but Ross himself I have never before disturbed a fellow traveler by air or rail, but on this occasion I did just say how much I was enjoying the book Ross replied with a simple thank you well now I ve finished my read and have already used some of his lessons to improve my business I want to say thank you back After reading previous reviews I wasn t expecting such an interesting read Some of the behind the scenes stuff revealed by RB on the dealings of getting Brawn team going involving Behind his back deals make you realise what a shark infested business world is out there Ross comes across as a genuinely good and honourable guy although maybe some of the Ferrari team orders make you wonder if that is rose coloured glasses and there might be a slightly different side to that story RB doesn t pull his punches when discussing the drivers and team people he has worked with, interesting to read his thoughts on Jenson s mid 2009 season blip and what happened at Mercedes leading to his departure.Previous comments about Adam Parr s sections led me to expect a low interest but I found it insightful and well explained while making lessons learned from military battles relevant.Overall I found it a page turner so would fully recommend it.