[ Prime ] Total Quality ControlAutor Armand V. Feigenbaum – Bilb-weil.de

This Is A Text On Achieving Profitability Through Quality, Updated For The Global Marketplace Of The S Principles Are Put Into Practice And The Two Critical Success Factors Are Fully Explored How To Build Quality Controls Into Every Phase Of Operations Product And Service Development, Production, Engineering, Marketing, Distribution, Sales, Customer Service And How To Drive Communication And The Implementation Of Quality Control Strategies Down And Across Organizational Lines, Mobilizing Commitment At Every Level For This Revised Third Edition, The Author Has Added A Discussion Of The Significance Of Quality Control To Corporate Profitability Benchmarks For Quality Control In The S And Four Management Principles For Achieving A Total Quality Orientation Topics Are Brought To Life With Practical Examples And Than Illustrations

6 thoughts on “Total Quality Control

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Habe dieses Buch f r meine Bachelorarbeit bestellt F r den Preis war ich mehr als zufrieden damit Der Inhalt ist leicht verst ndlich und das Buch hatte nur wenige Macken am Cover.

  2. ML ML says:

    Reading this book makes you appreciate how far the quality profession has come over the years To appreciate this work, you have to remember the first edition was published shortly after WWII, and his contributions would have be revolutionary Much of what he says is now commonplace, at least in theory, in the workplace today I think someone working in the quality profession now will not necessarily learn from this book like someone would have in the 50 s and 60 s, but people need to be directed to the source of why their current workplace is structured in the way that they experience today.

  3. Alicia Crumpton Alicia Crumpton says:

    This is one of those seminal books that you read to be learned in a field of study related to total quality control, TQM, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and management.

  4. The Bondvoid The Bondvoid says:

    An oldie but a goodie This book really drives home the tried, true, and trusted ideas of Quality Control.

  5. Bill Carruth Bill Carruth says:

    I had a previous edition of Total Quality and the fortieth edition was even better.

  6. Cem Kaner Cem Kaner says:

    This is one of the key works that led to the popularity of Total Quality Management TQM TQM eventually became unfashionable as quality consultants watered it down to a mindless collection of bureaucratic best practices but in Feigenbaum, you see the critical thinking, multidimensionality, and detailed modeling and mathematics that gave TQM its early credibility.