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I m a big cycling fan so digging into the history was interesting However the book meandered through the history without a clear chronological or thematic framework it mixed both. Les Woodland s usual well researched, easy to read, informative book. Although a keen cyclist, I am not a fan of the Tour de France, I shall be honest Imagine, then, my surprise on opening this book and finding it to be not only entertaining, but very easy reading whilst managing to avoid the pitfall of patronising the reader Filled with a huge number of little anecdotes and interesting facts, I can honestly say that it is definitely a worthwhile read even for those who do not enjoy watching a large number of lycra clad men bang about on the continent. I bought this book as the Tour de France approaches Of course there are thousands of books about the TDF Les Woodland is an experienced journalist who knows his subject The style is light but packed with anecdotes, facts and explanations It is one of those books where you feel you ve sat down with someone who is a chatty expert who really wants to share the subject with you Following all the scandals of Armstrong style doping, this book gives you context and a sense of proportion It also draws in threads of wider history and relates cycling to the different eras in which it has existed More than anything it is book about people It is deeply human, exploring the scandals and eccentricities which flavor both life and sport You don t have to be any kind of cyclist or enthusiast to enjoy this book If the spectacle of the race catches your eye in any way, this book will put meat on the thin bones of those sweating superstars and those behind them An excellent read. I ve read than a few of Woodland s books over the years but he d never made me into much of a fan until Tour de France The Inside Story While I m a friend of the publisher and received the book at no charge, it turned out to be one I d have gladly paid to add to my collection The reason is the colorful descriptions of the people involved in the Tour s history combined with Woodland s refreshingly candid opinions about them He tells the reader what he really thinks and why.., not so common in these days of so much cycling enthusiast journalism being thinly veiled advertorial If you ve tired of the standard who what when recounts of the Tour de France and want of the who how and perhaps WHY, you ll enjoy this book. The Inside Story had some great history of the Tour in it, but I felt it jumped around a lot within each chapter I don t know what I was expecting but it was not my favorite cycling book. Maybe I was being too much of a star chaser, but I was disappointed that this is a very dry, technical history, with little examination or comment on either the riders who have shaped the tour or the iconic stages This removes the colour and spectacle from this great race for me at least Maybe for some it will be interesting to read about the administration and organisation, but it left me slightly regretting the time I spent reading. The Tour De France Is The Greatest Bike Race In The World, But It Began As A Humble Promotional Gimmick For A Floundering Newspaper More Than Years Later, The Tour Still Captivates The World And Is Broadcast To Over Countries How Did A Few Men Looking For Some Way To Save Their Struggling Business Become Masters Of A Giant, Successful Enterprise Les Woodland Tells The Inside Story Of The Tour De France Through The Prism Of The Men Who Started It, And Those Who Now Run It As He Explores The Creation And Evolution Of The Tour, He Never Runs Out Of Those Fascinating Illustrative Tales That Make His Books Impossible To Put Down This Work Was Originally Published In A Slightly Altered Form In As Tourmen The Men Who Made The Tour De France It Has Been Updated To Reflect The Events That Have Happened Since The Original Publication