Traversing the Traction Gap: Developing a Market-First Mindset to Engineer Your Go-To-Market Success kindle –

This book has the merit of presenting the first framework to structure work between your Initial Product Release and the moment you can officially declare your startup has Traction.That being said, the book is yet another example of an idea that could be resumed in a couple of pages artificially filled with a lot of startup theory you ve read elsewhere.The lack of book structure and low novel substance are its greatest sins. This book is ruthless, i loved it Terrific How to Manual for entrepreneurs Bruce and Wildcat have done a fantastic job in pulling together a how to manual for entrepreneurs Chock full of useful stats, ideas and examples for every stage of a company s lifecycle Strongly recommend to everyone interested in starting a business not just venture backed companies. Great insight for startups from the POV of a VC.Wow what a great read for anyone starting a tech business or thinking about starting one I read this cover to cover in just a few hours I gotfrom those few hours than I did from any entrepreneurial class. Another must read for any Product Manager working in software development, regardless of the size of the company. Vision, groundbreaking ideas, total commitment, and boundless enthusiasm characterize most startups, but they require capital to go from promising product in a potential blockbuster category to scalable business However scrappy they are, industry statistics show that thanpercent of all early stage startups fail Most can build a product, but the vast majority stumble when it comes time to take those products to market due to poor or non existent market engineering skills Traversing the Traction Gap exposes the reasons behind that scary failure rate and provides a prescriptive how to guide, focused specifically on market engineering techniques, so startups can succeed Getting over the go to market hurdle stymies startups again and again Just when they need to develop and define a category and create sophisticated positioning, demand generation and revenue conversion programs when they must establish a foothold in the market they run short on time and money This is the Traction Gap, that period of time between introducing a new product into the market and being able to scale it during a rapidly closing window of opportunity Traversing the Traction Gap is a practical guidebook for navigating this fraught period in the tumultuous early life of a startup Based on real life examples from the startup world, Cleveland s advice provides a roadmap, signposts, and metrics for succeeding where others have failed