Free books Tu Diras! with CD (Audio) (World Languages) –

In Spanish, T dir s means you will sayand with this text, you will say that Spanish is a fun and exciting language to learn Media savvy students like you will love T DIR S because its fully integrated technology helps you learn in ways with which you are familiar through video, audio, popular music, and interactive multimedia The award winning T DIR S video will help build your understanding and ensure your success in the course and beyond the classroom A fascinating Cultural Video expands your knowledge of the different countries and cultures of the Spanish speaking world Plus, MP3 ready Spanish tutorials help with pronunciation and grammar, and the powerful iLrn Spanish helps you master the skills and contents of the course in a dynamic audio and video enhanced learning environment With T DIR S , you will say it works Thanks, everything went okay, though delivery time should have been quicker. In my copy, the CDs were bound into the book, between pages 580 and 581.This was not obvious, so I thought the mention might help future purchasers. I bought this book as a course requirement for my first year spanish course Very user friendly and a definate must for anyone who is thinking of taking up Spanish.