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Available in long lasting vinyl cover, this dictionary is ideal for students Bold, blue headwords make it easy to navigate around the dictionary quickly and apage activity section includes fun games to improve language skills, including crosswords, word searches, jumble, and sudoku style puzzles With over , entries it not only captures the core words of the language, it also includes the latest jargon

15 thoughts on “Turkish Berlitz Concise Dictionary (Berlitz Concise Dictionaries): Turkish-English, English-Turkish

  1. Dennis The Menace Dennis The Menace says:

    A good quality dictionary Not too big, but still quite comprehensive.

  2. Polly Polly says:

    Consise but comprehensive dictionary I particularily like the activities section in the center of the book which has games and puzzles to test your vocabulary.

  3. JH JH says:

    We both go to Turkey at least twice a year and have found that this is a very good dictionary which does have a lot of words in.

  4. Darryl Darryl says:

    Super little book to use alongside studying for basic level turkish language Great little holiday companion too Quick, efficient service

  5. Beverley D. Jones Beverley D. Jones says:

    The person I gave it to uses it for his turkish night school class and is very happy with the content.

  6. eda arslan eda arslan says:

    This dictionary is very goor if your looking for translations from english to turkish or turkish to english, however i wouldnt recommend it for definition purposes overall very good and useful for my turkish exam.

  7. Mr. Leslie Barker Mr. Leslie Barker says:

    This is a fairly comprehensive dictionary Good sized print makes it easy to read Useful grammar section in the middle Bigger than a phrase book to pop in your pocket, but a really good dictionary if that s what you need.

  8. kenan kenan says:

    My wife uses the dictionary and she is quite happy with it Good value for money I would recommend it.

  9. A. Gronner A. Gronner says:

    This is a handy little dictionary but it has seen relatively little usage during my many months spent in Turkey Although quite readable and easy to carry, I have often been disappointed in not finding a number of terms used commonly by the Turks in the trades In particular, the vocabulary about technical issues mechanics, hydraulics, tools, etc is quite sparse Still this dictionary may well be satisfactory for the needs of a traveler,

  10. d2003m d2003m says:

    Got this for a Turkish student in my class Despite all the online and probably free apps that you can get I will like having an actual hardcopy book that students can hold, can use.

  11. Audrey Grier Audrey Grier says:

    I ve been looking for a year for a bilingual Turkish English dictionary for a student This one does the job.

  12. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Exactly what I ordered Used was in good condition All the entries I ve used seem to be accurate Haven t had any problems with it thus far Really helpful considering that it s hard to find a good Turkish resource without buying it first Berlitz dictionaries haven t let me down yet.

  13. Student Student says:

    I just got this dictionary today for Turkish English English Turkish, and I like it a lot The blue headwords are convenient, and the definitions are good There is also a section that explains grammar I am very happy with it.

  14. Jenkintown family Jenkintown family says:

    As with all dictionaries, it is precise and reliable It does not have,however, are examples of how the words are used in context This is a little frustrating when trying to use the book to write things such as engish or social studies papers.

  15. Juli Enn Juli Enn says:

    We purchased this dictionary for my daughter s Turkish Language class as languages classes begin in fourth grade The dictionary is very easy to use One can look up an English word in the rear English section to learn the Turkish word, or one can look up a Turkish word in the front Turkish word section to learn the English word for it My nine year old daughter was able to begin using it easily It would be helpful to have the pronunciations for the Turkish words included in the Turkish and or English section, however this is a minor adult complaint.