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Incorporating much new material, this new edition of the standard work presents an authoritative, lucid, and engaging text, setting out every form and construction of pre and post reform Turkish that may be encountered in print, as well as colloquial usages

12 thoughts on “Turkish Grammar

  1. John Nevill John Nevill says:

    As the other reviewers have indicated, this is definitely NOT a Teach Yourself Turkish type of book you certainly won t manage a fortnight in Marmaris on the strength of this It s for people who are making a serious study of Turkish and need a detailed and seriously authoritative reference work to back this up.It also has to be said that the user needs a pretty good knowledge of grammatical terms to put it to good use.Having said that, if the above DOES fit your needs, you couldn t do better As for the author himself, I can t help feeling furiously jealous at an Englishman now sadly deceased , who was fluent in Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Azeri, Kazakh and Uzbek If you re interested, try looking him up on the Times Online Obituary website he seems like a hell of a nice bloke.

  2. Wokser Wokser says:

    This book although old and pages somewhat yellowed, is in perfect order apart from that It arrived within the dates that were indicated and packaged well.The content of the book is excellent, although it is aimed at people who have a ressonable understanding of grammatical terms.I am learning Turkish using an intereactive progragramme, but there are times when I need to understand how a word has been formed grammatically, so I will be using this book as a reference manual.

  3. Pamela Langdon Pamela Langdon says:

    I have been visiting Turkey regularly for many years now and have recently begun Turkish lessons This book is excellent to support my Turkish Course When I am in doubt, or do not fully understand a concept, I am able to check it out and learn from the book To date I have always been able to find what I have needed For these reasons I have found it helpful and most valuable.

  4. James Swanson James Swanson says:

    Very helpful well set out book.

  5. T. Howarth T. Howarth says:

    This is an excellent book, but I wouldn t recommend it for beginners as it is quite in depth, but it will help you to understand the construction of the turkish language, I have learnt basic Turkish and this is fantastic for helping me to understand the language.

  6. soukouma soukouma says:

    arrived right on time and really as new

  7. Noah Thorold Noah Thorold says:


  8. Daniel Daniel says:

    As described.

  9. James Albinet James Albinet says:

    Perfect resource, not a thick book but still packed with information and is very comprehensive when it comes to learning Turkish grammar and even some English grammar haha.James

  10. AJ AJ says:

    This grammar reference book is good for understanding some fine details of the language it is thorough with exploring all possible cases of a particular grammar rule, addressing exceptions and historical aspects of the Turkish grammar Nevertheless, it is simply overwhelming for someone who just started learning Turkish As someone who has learned a foreign language from scratch, I can say that it is easier to learn a language grammar by going from general to specific For example, if we are talking about tense formation first learn the different types of tenses and how they are related to each other Next, explain the general rule for formation of a specific tense and only after that explain all the fine details and possible exceptions This book will overwhelm you with all the technical details that you may not need to know to start using the language.I bought this book because the regular phrasebooks and dictionaries do not explain grammar rules I did not find this book to be an easy reference for understanding Turkish grammar While vacationing in Istanbul I stumbled upon a book called Turkish Grammar Self Taught by Fuad A Attaoullah and that is the book you may want to use for a quick reference while traveling It does a great job at explaining the logic of the language without burdening you with all the technicalities It is written for English speaking learners and is quite thorough I was able to apply the rules I learned almost immediately.If you are serious about learning Turkish, it is still a good idea to buy Turkish Grammar by Geoffrey Lewis However, I would recommend looking into other grammar texts available on the market to get you started.

  11. Brian A. Hill Brian A. Hill says:

    My knowledge of grammar in any language is limited, so for me it was necessary to look up some of the advanced grammatical concepts he was referring to Nevertheless, this is an exceptionally helpful book and I highly recommend In fact, by figuring out those grammatical concepts, I actually learned about English grammar at the same time Overall, an outstanding product for anyone learning Turkish.

  12. Floating Weed Floating Weed says:

    This book is an excellent resource, but not a good introduction to the language for a beginner I m glad I bought it, but didn t really start using it until I had been studying Turkish for a while So, if you are sure you will reach a advanced level buy it now If not, it s better to buy introductory books that are concerned with teaching rather than being an encyclopedia of grammar.