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New York, Summer Criminal Courts Building A Man Is Dead The Life Of Another Is At Stake A Guilty Verdict Seems A Foregone Conclusion But One Member Of The Jury Has The Will To Probe Deeply Into The Evidence And The Courage To Confront The Ignorance And The Prejudice Of Some Of His Fellow Jurors The Conflict Which Follows Is Fierce And Passionate, Cutting Straight To The Heart Of The Issues Of Civil Liberties And Social Justice This Edition Was Published To Coincide With The New Production Directed By Harold Pinter Which Opened In The West End In Too many of us try to dodge jury duty, or grudgingly suffer through it This two act play reminds us of the importance of this civic duty and the difference it can make in the lives of the accused and victims The jurors feel a heavy responsibility to get it right, providing justice to the victims and fairness to the accused and it s rarely black and white I won t give away the plot, but just to say that a lone person can be enough to make a difference. A superb audio recording of 12 Angry Men It was actually highly entertaining awesome However, the one issue I had with it, hence a four star rating and not a five star is that it is not compatible with ANY of the existing, current print versions of the story I wanted it for classroom use and ended up returning it because my students would be too distracted by the audio that was completely off from the written version But for anyone who is looking just to listen to a superb audiobook on the way home from work or something, this is the audiobook to buy You don t know their names That s not important You learn about their characters and their hearts What they believe in the privacy of their own soul All the prejudices You find out who has the strength to not make it personal and to just concentrate on the facts Dissect the facts and find out that even the facts are as questionable as the human heart Well done I love the neutrality of the 8th juror, and how he questions the evidence and testimonies of the witnesses He doesn t know, nor will he ever know what actually happened He slowly but surely helps everyone to see that there s a possibility despite the boy s upbringing and prejudice set against him that he could actually be innocent I love this play, I teared up at the final page.