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I love Barry s take on the topic and the tangible advice he shares for leaders who truly want to innovate As a former athlete myself, the story about Serena Williams own unlearning process resonated the most with me Don t miss out on this great book if you want to be equipped for the future. A Transformative System That Shows Leaders How To Rethink Their Strategies, Retool Their Capabilities, And Revitalize Their Businesses For Stronger, Longer Lasting Success Theres A Learning Curve To Running Any Successful Business But When Leaders Begin To Rely On Past Achievements Or Get Stuck In Old Thinking And Practices That No Longer Work, They Need To Take A Step Backand Unlearn This Innovative And Actionable Framework From Executive Coach Barry OReilly Shows Leaders How To Break The Cycle And Move Away From Once Useful Mindsets And Behaviors That Were Effective In The Past But Are No Longer Relevant In The Current Business Climate And May Now Stand In The Way Of Success With This Simple But Powerful Three Step System, Leaders Can Unlearn The Behaviors And Mindsets That Keep Them And Their Businesses From Moving Forward Relearn The Skills, Strategies, And Innovations That Are Transforming The World Every Day Break Through Old Habits And Thinking By Opening Up To New Ideas, Perspectives, And Resources Good Leaders Know They Need To Continuously Learn But Great Leaders Know When To Unlearn The Past To Succeed In The Future This Book Shows Them The WayTo Succeed, Its Critical For Everyone, From Executives To Entrepreneurs, To Know How To Let Go Of Behavior And Methods That Have Helped Them Achieve In The Past But Are Now Limiting Unlearn Explains How To Enter Into A Continuous Cycle Of Replacing Old Ideas And Models With New Ones In Order To Adapt In An Ever Changing World Founded On Clear Principles And Filled With Stories From The Field, It Advocates For Courage Over Comfort Not Just Now, But In Whatever Circumstances The Future Offers UpEric Ries, Founder, Long Term Stock Exchange, And Author Of The Startup Way And The Lean StartupSurprisingly, Many Of The Attributes That Enabled Small Companies To Scale Into Large Ones Are Now The Very Things That Impede Their Future Prospects Some Telltale Signs Of Trouble Include Administration Replacing True Leadership, Process Morphing Into Bureaucracy And Red Tape, And Past Successes Inhibiting The Ability To Drive Needed Change All This Leads To A Culture That Sacrifices Speed, Client Centricity, And Innovation Successful Companies Are Mission Driven And Customer And Employee Obsessed, And They Passionately Preserve The Founding Mission Of The Organization While Having The Humility To Unlearn The Tried And True Ways Of The Past This Book Is An Essential Reminder That The Ability To Unlearn Is An Enduring Core Competency Of Extraordinary Individualsand The Winning Organizations They LeadJohn Marcante, CIO, VanguardMany Executives And Entrepreneurs Hang On To Thinking And Methods That Were Once Useful, But May Limit Their Future Success Apply The Lessons In Unlearn And Unlock The Full Potential In Yourself, Your Teams, And Your OrganizationNoelle Eder, Chief Information And Digital Officer, HiltonThe Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change And Its Happening Faster And Faster Disruption Is Ongoing, Yet Leaders Tend To Think Incrementally About The Future Barry Shows Us A Better Way The Only Way To Disrupt Yourself Before Someone Does It For You Is To Unlearn, Separate Yourself From What Has Worked In The Past In Order To Create An Open Space To Shape The Future A Great Read For Any Leader In Fast Moving Environments Faced With The Realization That What Worked In The Past Wont Work In The FutureStephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork, And Co Chair, Future Council In Education, Gender And Work, Global World Economic ForumWe Work In A World Of Complexity, Revolutionary Technologies, And Dynamic Change The Only Advantage Is Peoplepeople Who Are Engaged And Can Rapidly Learn And Unlearn Thats Why I Love Barry OReillys New Book, Unlearn It Correctly Magnifies A Vital And Often Overlooked Concept, The Importance Of Unlearning For Organizational Success Typically, Organizations Lose Capability And Innovation By Their Inability To Unlearn Ideas That Are No Longer Relevant This Book Provides Guidance On The Steps To Take To Form A Culture Of Learning And UnlearningEdward J Hoffman, PhD, Former Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA, And Academic Director, Information And Knowledge Strategy, Columbia University Unlearn Lays Out An Easy To Use System To Constantly Challenge What We Think We Know Barry Draws From A Wealth Of Relevant And Relatable Examples To Help Us Better Understand How We Can Apply The Powerful Principles In Our Own Lives Reading Unlearn Inspired Me To Challenge Many Of My Own Old Mindsets And Ideals, And Ive Seen A Considerable Improvement In My Own Results And Outcomes Inspiring Work Stephen Orban, General Manager, New Initiative, Web Services, And Author Of Ahead In The CloudThe Only Way To Thrive In A World Of Accelerating Change Driven By Exponential Technologies Is Through Adaptability And Continuous Learning Barry OReilly Has Identified The Critical First Step Unlearning The Past Unlearn Is A Methodical Playbook For Breaking Ourselves Away From The Anchors Of The Past And Accelerating Into The FutureRob Nail, CEO And Associate Founder, Singularity UniversityWhen You Work At The Intersection Of Technology, Design, And People, Change Is Constant, And Unlearning What Brought Individuals And Teams Success In The Past Is Of Critical Importance For Future Success Today, Every Industry Is Changing Rapidly, And The Ability To Learn And Unlearn Is A Major Factor Differentiating The Highest Performing Companies And Individuals From Those That Are Falling Behind Barry OReillys Book, Unlearn, With Its Experience Based Framework, Is Inspiring And Essential Reading For All Of Us In Leadership Positions, Especially Within Traditional IndustriesKatri Harra Salonen, Chief Digital Officer, FinnairPart Of Unlearning Is Not Getting Stuck Doing Only What Worked In The Past When Percent Of People Think You Should Just Go Back To Doing What Youve Been Doing, Or Resist The Change That You Are Trying To Make, You Know Youre On To Something, And Thats Where The Breakthrough Journey BeginsStephen Scott, Chief Digital Officer, Avios Group LimitedThe Best Way To Master Our Ever Changing Business Environment Is By Designingand Redesigningour Deep Seated Habits And Routines In Unlearn, Barry OReilly Explains In An Easy To Understand Way How To Introduce New Habits Into Your Workplace Intentionally And Systematically By Unlearning Old Habits And Welcoming New Routines, You Have The Unique Opportunity To Create A Fast Path To Extraordinary Results The Process Barry Outlines Draws On Key Methods From My Work In Behavior Design, As Well As Techniques From My Tiny Habits Method In Writing This Book For Business Leaders In Every Industry, Barry Offers A Step By Step Framework For Unlocking Untapped Potential In Your Companyand In Yourself Fogg, PhD, Behavioral Scientist And Creator Of The Tiny Habits MethodBarry Has Done It Again Leveraging His Work With Some Of Todays Most Innovative And Successful Companies, Barry Has Delivered The Primer On Digital Transformation Unlearn Focuses On The Trickiest And Least Obvious Starting Point Unlearning The Habits That Trap Leaders And Companies In Past Successes That No Longer Deliver Results Today This Step By Step Guide To Gaining Fresh Perspectives Provides Clear And Highly Actionable Advice On How To Stimulate And Incubate Successful Innovation Throughout The Enterprise, Enabling Breakthrough PerformanceJody Mulkey, CTO, TicketmasterIn A World Where The Pace Of Change Is So Fast, It Is Difficult To Keep Up, Leaders Often Unknowingly Get In Their Own Way To Stay Competitive, They Must Build The Skills To Continuously Evolve And Embrace The Unknown Unlearn Provides A Structured Framework To Help Individuals And The Organizations They Lead Adapt To The Changing Times By Unlearning And Then Relearning The Skills To Help Themselves Break Through And Stay Competitive It Will Get Everyone On The Road To Lifelong Learning In A Safe And Systematic WayReshma Shaikh, VP Strategy And Operations, Office Of The COO, Springer NatureBarrys Book Plays A Key Role In My Assignmentleading A Large Enterprise Through Digital Transformationnot Only On A Personal Level But Especially On An Entrepreneurial Level Unlearn Is A Universally Applicable Principle For Successful Transformation A Must Read For Business LeadersNils Stamm, Chief Digital Officer, Deutschland Telekom, And Board Member, Mnchner KreisWe Are Living Through An Unprecedented Period Of Disruption The Challenge For Many Organizations And Individuals Is How To Move From Their Current Landscape To A New Landscape Without Any Guide Many Are Falling Back On Outdated Business Models And Processes That Are Not Delivering The Outcomes They Hoped For This Book Presents An Alternative View That Begins With Unlearning The Old And Adapting To What Is Required For The FutureJora Gill, Chief Digital Officer, The EconomistWe Have All Been There That Feeling Of Facing Challenging Obstacles, Environments, And Circumstances, But Knowing We Must Do Something To Overcome Transforming Big Organizations Starts Small, By Transforming Ourselves Barry OReilly Challenges Us All To Unlearn And Innovate Our Own Game In This Comprehensive And Insightful Book, He Provides An Actionable Framework To Help Us To Unlearn, Do Things Differently, And WinLea Hickman, Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group, And Former VP Of Product Management, AdobeSo Many Organizations Are Rooted In What Has Made Them Successful In The Past That It Is Difficult For Them To Explore New Approaches This Institutional Knowledge Becomes So Ingrained That Transformation Almost Becomes Impossible Unlearn Is A Great Reminder To Leaders That We Need To Face The Future Versus Dwelling On The Past With A World That Is Constantly Changing, Unlearning Becomes A Critical Tool For Holding Teams Accountable For Their Future Strategy And GrowthAndrew Meyer, Director, NHS DigitalWe Have All Seen Industry Titans Fall Due To Their Inability To Change And Adapt To What Is Happening Around Them They All Saw Exactly What Was Going On, But Were Locked In Their Past Behaviors And Ways Of Operating In Unlearn, Barry Provides Real World Examples Of How Leaders Can Avoid This Trap And Redefine How They Operate The Book Provides Very Practical Steps On How To Unlearn What Has Made Us All Successful In The Past And Relearn New Ways Of Thinking And Working It Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Wants To Help Themselves And Their Companies Stay Ahead Of Their Competitors In A Fast, Ever Changing EnvironmentJeff Reihl, Executive VP And Chief Technology Officer, LexisNexisIn Fast Paced Digital Environments, We Constantly Need To Innovate And Think Differently To Drive Growth By Applying The Three Stepsunlearn, Relearn, And Break Throughyou Can Let Go Of Old Approaches That May No Longer Drive Success, Unlearn Old Behaviors, And Adapt To Your Situation To Achieve Extraordinary Results Barry Provides Relevant Examples That Brings The System Of Unlearning To Life With Tools To Apply Both In Business And Your Everyday LifeSarah Bartlett, Former CMO, Time Out Group, Lastminute, And Travelocity InternationalHistory Has Shown Us That Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Success Barry Reminds Us How Important It Is To Challenge Our Assumptions, Continuously Seek New Information And Different Perspectives, And Decide What To Unlearn We Can All Look Back At Examples Where We Were Held Back By What We Believed To Be True, Selecting Data And Input That Validated Our Opinion And Hypotheses, Rather Than Deliberately Seeking That Which May Challenge Us The Skill To Unlearn Knows No Organizational Or Role Boundaries A Great Read For Anyone Who Seeks To Flourish In Our World Of Perpetual Change, And Break Through The Repeated Cycle Of Stifled InnovationJenn Bennett, Technical Director, Office Of The CTO, Google CloudYou Dont Add Innovation To A Business You Get Out Of Its Way To Do That, You Need To Unlearn All The Accumulated Cruft Thats Slowing You Down This Book Will Guide You And Help You Make The CaseAdrian Cockcroft, Cloud Computing PioneerI Believe In The Truism That Conventional Thinking Tends To Yield Conventional Results In That Light, Barry OReilly Is An Unconventional Thinker And Unlearn Is The Extraordinary Result If You Are A Business Leader Striving To Hit Hypergrowth Or Do Something Significant, You Should Read This Book As A Toolkit For Unconstraining Your Thinking And Pushing Yourself, Your Team, And Your Company To Reach New HeightsBreanden Beneschott, Cofounder And COO, ToptalBarrys Innovative System Highlights The Importance For Both Individuals And The Organizations They Lead To Unlearn Once Useful Practices That Have Become Inhibiting And Limit Their Future Success In The New And Ever Evolving Paradigms In Which They OperateTerren Peterson, VP Of Cyber Security, Capital One Unlearn Is Compelling, Whether You Are An Executive Trying To Move Your Organization To The Next Level Or Simply Interested In Better Understanding How To Unlock Your Own Potential The Concepts In Unlearn Make Complete Sense They Seem Almost Obvious Yet It Pushes Us Way Outside Of Our Comfort Zone And Shows Us How To Do This Systematically Barry Provides A Powerful System To Break Down The Principles Of Unlearning And Put Them Back Together Using Pragmatic Techniques That Feel Doable Unlearn Isnt Just Intellectually Stimulating It Is Essential For Anyone Wanting To Understand And Surpass The Maximum We All Hit At Some Pointin A Project, In A Career, In Our LifeJerome Bonhomme, CTO And EVP, American Specialty HealthWhen We Look At Our Life Clutter, We Can Easily Understand That Purging Stuff We Dont Need Helps Make Room For Whats Important The Same Can Be Said For Our Learning Yet We Often Find It Hard To Let Go Of Our Habits, At Times Even To The Detriment Of Our Own Future Success Barrys Book Guides Us Through Identifying How To Unlearn Our Past Habits So That We Can Relearn New Ways Of Thinking And Accomplishing Our Goals I Highly Recommend This Book For Anyone Experiencing Or Leading Structural Changes In Their WorkplaceThaniya Keereepart, Head Of Mobile And Platforms, TEDOperating Effectively In A Global And Increasingly Decentralized World Means Unlearning Old Behaviors, Biases, And Gut Instincts Our Challenge Is To Be Aware, Experimental, And Open To Change Unlearn Is An Outstanding Read, And Reminds Us That Change, Feeling Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, And Learning Through Trying New Things Is The Best Way To Build New Behavior And Improve The Way We Work TogetherRon Garrett, Founding Partner, ConsenSys LabsThe Magic Of This Book Is How It Shows That Growth, Change, And Progress Come Not From Learning But From Unlearning That Which Restricts Us, Keeps Us In Our Comfort Zone, And Ultimately, Sidetracks Innovation And Our Own Careers This Book Shows You The Way ForwardJack Tatar, Bestselling Coauthor Of Cryptoassets The Innovative Investors Guide To Bitcoin And BeyondGosh, How I Wish That I Had Access To A Book Like This At The Beginning Of My Career Now I Know Why My Leadership Behaviors, Style, And Even Biases Can Hold Me Back Learning To Unlearn Teaches You How To Be Productive, Avoid Psychological Barriers, And Pivot Quickly By Using New Mental Models In Order To Power Your Career Development, Improve Your Social Interactions, And Really Help You To Enjoy Your WorkFin Goulding, International CIO, Aviva, And Coauthor Of Flow A Handbook For Change Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists, And LeadersIve Spent Years In The Business Of IT Trying To Make The Cultural Shift That Propels Great Leaders Forward Barrys Book Provides The Tools To Break Down The Aging Perceptions Of Leadership And Cut To The Heart Of What Works Unlearn Sheds The Comforts Of Conformity And Delivers The Framework For Evolving And Growing With Each And Every Challenge Innovation And Transformation Are The Products Of Our Willingness To Seek Out The Change Both We As Leaders And The Business Need To Be SuccessfulAaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Clubs Unlearn Is A Powerful Gem That Offers A Practical Way To Deepen Innovation And Achieve Outstanding Performance On All Fronts The Three Step Modelunlearn, Relearn, Break Throughis A Crucial System For Success Thats Both Easy To Digest And Easy To Execute Want To Perform At Top Levels You Need The Ability To Unlearn And Barry OReilly Shows You How Karen Martin, President, The Karen Martin Group, Inc And Author Of Clarity First And Shingo Awardwinning The Outstanding Organization And Value Stream MappingWe All Want To Work Smarter, But Barry OReilly Offers A Powerful Mindset Shift You Cant Just Add New Techniquesyou Must Also Consciously Destroy The Often Invisible Habits That Are Tripping You Up Unlearning Is A Powerful Concept, But What I Love About This Book Is That Its Not Just One Concept, Its A Master Course In Leadership That Efficiently Synthesizes Many Of The Best Books And Practices In The Business World Unlearn Is Like Great Books In OneJake Knapp, Bestselling Author Of Sprint And Make TimeSimple And Obvious Changes Are Not Always Easy, And Obvious Is In The Eye Of The Beholder Im Fond Of Saying You Havent Learned Anything Until You Change Behaviors, But The Impediments To Change Are Often Anchored In Our Past Success And Our Current Identity What We Do Is Who We Are Unlearning Solves This Problem With A Feedback Loop Revisiting Assumptions About What We Do And Why The Most Profound Progress Rarely Comes From Adding But From Removing The Unnecessary And The Useless If We Want To Be In The Future, We Need To Unlearn What Holds Us Back Today Filled With Relatable Anecdotes And Real World Examples, Unlearning Provides An Actionable Model While Being Accessible And Fun To ReadAndrew Clay Shafer, Senior Director Of Technology, Pivotal, Cofounder, Puppet, Core Organizer, DevOpsDays, And Author Of Web Operations Agile InfrastructureBarry Provides An Actionable System For Unlearning Successful Habits Of The Past That Are Hobbling Leaders And Organizations From Dealing With Todays ChallengesChivas Nambiar, Executive Director, Cloud And Platforms, Verizon ITBarry Hits On A Key Element Of Learning Thats Easy To Overlook We Cant Just Add New Knowledge To Our Repertoire We Have To Take The Time To Examine Whats No Longer Working For Us And Unlearn Those Patterns And Behaviors, Before We Can Learn New Patterns And Behaviors Barry Provides A Crisp And Clear Model To Help Leaders Do Exactly That Unlearn Is A Must Read For Growth Minded ProfessionalsTeresa Torres, Founder And Product Discovery Coach, Product TalkBarrys Message For Leaders Is Simple And Understated, But Contains Deep Truths About Innovation And Growth Sometimes The Best Way Forward Is A Step BackJosh Seiden, Coauthor Of Sense Respond And Lean UXSo Many Times Our Teams, Leaders, And Cultures Resist New Ideasnot Because They Dont Inherently Believe In Them But Because They Force Us To Behave In Ways That Conflict With The Way Weve Always Done Things This, Than Any Other Issue, Is The Reason Organizations Struggle To Evolve And Survive Amazingly, This Is Exactly What This Book Tackles Head On To Ensure That You And Your Teams Unlearn The Behaviors That Keep You From Your True PotentialJeff Gothelf, Coauthor Of Sense Respond And Lean UX Unlearn Is A Must Read For Every Leader Who Is Looking To Grow This Book Gets Deep Into The Core Of Where Peopleand The Organizations They Leadfail To Adapt To New Situational Realities And Transform Its Not Just About Learning New Ways Of Working, But Effectively Unlearning Our Outdated Habits That Limit Our Mindset And Actions, So That We Can Thrive In The Face Of Uncertainty As We Build The FutureMelissa Perri, CEO, Produx Labs, And Author Of The Build TrapThe New Competitive Advantage Is Not Learning Faster Than Your Competition, But Rapidly Putting That Learning Into Action Barrys Book Is The Definitive Guide On How To Do Exactly ThatDavid J Bland, Founder, Precoil, And Author Of Testing Business IdeasThis Is The Book You Need When You Realize That Doing What Youve Always Done Isnt Enough AnyJonny Schneider, Principal, ThoughtWorks, And Author Of Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, AndAgile Barry shares amazing stories and examples that illuminate, inspire and give courage.If you have the feeling that something needs to change and you don t know where to start, this book can be the key to open the door of so much unused potential, that each organization has.In the picture, Serena Williams one of the cases in the book is reading about herself from an UnLearn perspective. One of the most important books to read for people in or aspiring to be in any leadership position Easy to read Highly recommended All too often, we both as individuals and as organizations tend to fall back on old, learned habits, when things get tough Many of those habits aren t very useful any, or might even hold us back In this book, Barry shows the importance of reflecting on what you ve learned in the past, and honestly assess if it is still useful today, especially with the dynamics of markets, business, and life in general quickly changing With many real world examples, from sports, to businesses to governmental organizations, he shows how unlearning can make space for knew insights and help achieve success in the future.