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For me, the mark of a good book is that you want to pick it up again as soon as you put it down That s how I felt about Unraveling Darkness, the conclusion of a two book story about Kali, a trained scout pressed into service as an agent of her king, forced to live in two different personas, and the key to righting a terrible wrong After a bloody coup, Kali and her companions flee her country to its unfriendly neighbor, leaving behind her sister and others Presented there with an unpalatable option, the friends decide that they must overthrow the usurper without external aid The story moves at breakneck speed throughout, leading to their inevitable confrontation with evil and a satisfying conclusion to the story One caveat this book picks up immediately where Tracing Shadows ended, with very little backstory, so you need to read the first book before this one That s no hardship, though, because it s also excellent I ve now read six of Alex Lidell s books, and I think this is the best so far. Kalis Kingdom Is Imprisonedand She May Hold The Key In One Breathless Moment, Royal Scout Kalis World Has Turned On Its Head Bishop Bahir Has Deposed The King And Seized The Palacewith Kalis Sister Trapped Inside Now On The Run, Kali, Trace, And The Future King Of Dansil Have Only One Place To Go For Help Everett An Enemy Kingdom Of Which Trace Is The Presumed Dead Heir As Trace Reclaims His Identityone That May Leave No Room For A Dansil SpyKali Faces Her Own Growing Magic, Which May Be Their Only Hope Of Stopping Bahir With Shattering Secrets, Daunting New Powers, And Uncertain Allegiances, Kali Must Walk A Deadly Tightrope To Protect Her Kingdomand Her Heart UNRAVELING DARKNESS, By Bestselling Author Alex Lidell, Is The Final Novel In The Scout Series Perfect For Fans Of Tamora Pierce, Leigh Bardugo, And Sarah J Maas I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review It is true that I found the book difficult to put down It is full of action and tension, with well developed characters I enjoyed it, but not as much as the Tides series which was one of the best series I ve ever read Would I read this one again Probably not, despite the fact that it is a good read Alex Lidell is an extremely gifted story teller Her plots have fascinating twists and turns and her characters are always multi layered For myself, I would prefer that she took time over her writing, allowed the stories to ferment a little longer in her brain, the storylines to develop a little longer, allowing little kinks in the storyline to be ironed out, minor characters to be fleshed out I know this is difficult An author has to make a living But it makes the difference between a great author which I think Alex has the potential to be and a good author Difficult choice But yes, certainly a book worth reading, strong characters faced with very complex moral challenges, which is one of the things I like most about her writing. Book Two in the Scout Series finds Lady Kalianna on the run along with two princes of warring provinces As they enter enemy territory, her troop seeks allies who will listen to reason and will take them to the king They need an army to take back Wil s realm and to save Kal s sister Action, romance, magic and palace intrigue mix together in a fast paced story until the satisfying conclusion This story is a page turner you won t want to put down. Great ending to the series I think the Everett kind and queen were too evil and we never saw enough of them for them to gain depth But otherwise a very satisfying ending.