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McKinsey Valuation Is The Single Best Guide Of Its Kind, Helping Financial Professionals Worldwide Excel At Measuring, Managing, And Maximizing Shareholder And Company Value This New Sixth Edition Provides Insights On The Strategic Advantages Of Value Based Management, Complete Detailed Instruction, And Nuances Managers Should Know About Valuation And Valuation Techniques As Applied To Different Industries, Emerging Markets, And Other Special SituationsValuation Lies At The Crossroads Of Corporate Strategy And Finance In Today S Economy, It Has Become An Essential Role And One That Requires Excellence At All Points This Guide Shows You Everything You Need To Know, And Gives You The Understanding You Need To Be Effective Estimate The Value Of Business Strategies To Drive Better Decision Making Understand Which Business Units A Corporate Parent Is Best Positioned To Own Assess Major Transactions, Including Acquisitions, Divestitures, And Restructurings Design A Capital Structure That Supports Strategy And Minimizes RiskAs The Valuation Function Becomes Ever Central To Long And Short Term Strategy, Analysts And Managers Need An Authoritative Reference To Turn To For Answers To Challenging Situations Valuation Stands Ahead Of The Field For Its Reputation, Quality, And Prestige, Putting The Solutions You Need Right At Your Fingertips It s super dense and not very well articulated For a book by McKinsey partners I d have expected a lot emphasis in clear points and less on presenting data. A lot of general investing books will provide an overview or a particular investors take on valuation approaches or will give a general one liner You might read something like start by valuing companies you are familiar with but then you are never provided the step by step tools to begin that valuation This book not only clearly states the various methods of valuing companies, but provides a step by step process on how to do so. The book is well written but is geared for executives with mid level accounting and finance I am very much a fan of the book itself, but not the Kindle format I would highly recommend people buy the print copy and not the kindle version due to the quality of the figures I read the book on the kindle paperwhite and my laptop and I had trouble seeing the detailed figures I am not sure if this complaint is for the publisher or Kindle, but it is important to be able to enlarge the smaller, detailed figures data tables, etc to follow the text. Good quality, and it is a real good book for finance. The 6th edition is still an excellent valuation textbook I ve read every edition since the third, and I think Koller et al doed a good job describing and explaining the valuation process from a fundamentally sound perspective Many valuation textbooks out there are filled with practitioner rules of thumbs or techniques that are imprecise maybe even flawed from an economic standpoint As such, I think this should be one of the first books anyone interested in valuation should read That way, you stand a chance of not forming bad habits In addition, although the main valuation techniques are very similar to what was presented in earlier editions of the book, the 6th edition has updated discussions and data through 2013 2014 I find these discussions insightful and help others realize that valuation is not a mechanical exercise and that the economics behind the calculations is the key driver of the process.