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Without A Doubt My Favorite Series Ever ReviewerWho S The Fairest Of Them All Young Women From Every Settlement In The Land Are Being Handpicked To Enter The Pageant, A Contest Reminiscent Of Miss Universe From The Old Days Gwyneth West S Social Climbing Mother Wants Her To Compete, But Gwyn Isn T So SureThe Pageant Is Government Sponsored If You Re Lucky Enough To Be Chosen, Participation Is Mandatory Aggressive Competition Is Allowed, Even EncouragedAnd Then There S The PrizeDallas Black, Otherwise Known As The Dark Prince, Will Propose To The Winner Dallas Is The Son Of King Black, Who Won The Last World War And Governs The New SettlementsThe Royal Family Is Mysterious Rumor Has It They Don T Sleep Rumor Has It They Eschew The Sun Rumor Has It They Re ImmortalWhen Gwyn Is Thrust Into The Pageant, She Fights To Survive The Competitive Nature Of The Other ContestantsBut Even If She Winscan She Survive A Vampire Fianc The Vampire Royals SeriesBook The PageantBook The GalaBook The FinaleBook The NorthBook The Siege This was a cute story and aSuper fast read I like the premise but had someIssues with her friendship with Eve being so strong when they just met I think it would have been believable if they knew each other than half a day but I did like in spite of that how the main character could have someone she felt closer to at the palace I thought it was a fun twist on the Royal pagent contest theme to have it be based around vampires And there are times I really liked Gwen and times I thought she was being really wishy washy where Dallas was concerned and her behavior on general I do like that she was courageous enough to take responsibility for most of her actions But inspire of some minor editing issues with spellings and passive past tense in places The Pagent was definitely a fun, fast and easy read I really really liked it and want to see what happens next The world building was very vivid and there were a lot of unexpected twist and surprises I didn t expect in the story When I thought it was heading one direction the story line would go in a completely different fascinating direction My eyes flew through down the pages as I devoured the book. The story is fascinating, really And, overall, I liked it Still, I am even now struggling what to say about it The idea behind the story is great, the build up is good, all the characters seem interesting But the heroine Well, in the beginning she seems fine, a level headed, intelligent, kind hearted girl, who is put in a difficult situation and tries her best But, by the middle of the book she reverted into an idiot, whiny, hysterical teenager.At this point I just wanted the book to end I cannot cheer for this kind of person.And that s why I am struggling, this book could ve been a lot better I really want to know how it will end, but not with this heroine So, no, I will not buy the next in the series. If you loved the selection series, then you ll love this series too It is extremely similar but has a great twist on the characters and the paranormal At first I really did feel like it was a clone of The Selection, but the characters are different and even with the same basic plot, it felt like a tv series where you re being introduced to the cast of season 2 Except season 2 has vampires, haha I really enjoyed the series and read all three books in two days The writing is great and easy to get hooked on. I enjoyed The Pageant by Leigh Walker, but it wasn t perfect The narrative itself was easy to follow, flowed well, and was devoid of major errors the premise, while not exactly unique, had a nice twist with the addition of vampires I liked the characters for the most part, and overall, simply enjoyed the story.But that doesn t mean everything was puppies and rainbows Gwyneth was infuriating as a main female lead She constantly broke the rules and put herself in danger not for good reasons, but because she couldn t seem to help herself She was reckless.On top of that, the romance between Gwyn and Dallas was almost non existent, despite what the narrative tried to convince me I just didn t see it.Were these enough to ruin the book No I still really liked the story It was a fun and easy read I only wish there had been a little depth to it If you enjoy YA Dystopian Romances, you ll most likely enjoy this book I look forward to reading further into the series. Really enjoyed this book Most of the reviews I seen are comparing it to the selection series I couldn t get into that at all But this book I couldn t put down I m not one for dating shows contest I think they re redundant but this didn t SUCK at all Pun intended Lol I like that you got a shock right from the start and there were definitely a few twists I love reading about vampires and what an awesome start to the series The book is a nice read, Not very long, but the story is captivating and I am looking forward to read the second book.