Vine's Concise Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words (Concise Reference) epub –

The boom is great, even the deliver was good. this little handy dictionary of OT and NT words make interpretation a pleasant journey. This Book is Amazing for cross referencing It s ideal for anyone who is a novice and just beginning their journey of faith and equally for anyone else It s a great tool to use and extremely valuable for studying.Well worth purchasing. A treasure to own and have on hand A great study help would highly suggest Vines concise, Strongs Concordance, Thayer s New Testament Greek English Dictionary and Lockyer s Dictionary for all your Biblical studies whether topical, character, books of the Bible, words studies These are excellent resources you should take advantage of Not as detailed as I would have liked W.E Vines is on the top of my BEST list.I love his stuff However, this dictionary was a disappointment.There are way too many words missing.I am only guessing, but I would say it contains approximately 60% of the total words found in the NT.All of the high profile words are there of course.But than half the time I went to this book looking for a word, it was not there.Wish they had completed the work.I love VINE A great resource for students, pastors, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies Easy to use edition of the best selling classic Offers fast access to thousands of biblical word definitions Exactly what I was looking for. Once an individual begins to recall scripture from reading the bible so much it is time to dig deeper into the meaning of the words from the languages of the time period that they were written and Vine s Expository is one very helpful tool for that sort of study I only wish they would be exhaustive like the Strong s Concordance in defining all the words of the bible.