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No tienen la misma portada Uno de ellos usado y bien y otro usado pero con cosas a bol grafo y dibujos. Such a fantastic play novella Great characters, pace, and humor throughout I ve bought several copies for friends and reread it pretty frequently. Libro para mi hijo de 2 Humanidades en la Universidad CEU SAN PABLO programas biling es , ya que era el libro que le ped an. First, a word about editions This edition of WAITING FOR GODOT, though with occasional changes of covers, has long been the standard edition of the play in English It features Beckett s translation of the play in English, and nothing else But in recent copies of the play, Grove has inserted a card noting that in June of 2011 this edition will be replaced by a two one, which will feature the French original alongside Beckett s translation into English Right now this edition is still available for a fraction of the cost of the new bilingual edition, but at some point soon it will apparently go out of print, and only the new edition ofWaiting for Godot Bilingual A Bilingual Editionwill be available This new edition will also feature an introduction, which the current edition lacks.Too many people forget that this is a PLAY, i.e., something that provides the words for actors on a stage It is not primarily intended to be read in a book Unfortunately, this is how most people experience the play, therefore depriving them of most of elements of the performance Therefore, I am going to make a recommendation for a way of increasing the richness of your performance of the play.Though an Irishman, Beckett originally wrote the play as he did with almost all of his works in French first and then later translated them himself into English in contrast, Vladimir Nabokov after moving to the United States wrote his books in English, and then translated them into French and Russian, his wife doing the translations into German The play was originally performed in Paris, while the English language premiere took place in Ireland The American debut was not on Broadway, but in Miami, Florida, with Bert Lahr and Tom Ewell.Instead of merely reading the play, read it while listening to a recording of the original Broadway production ofWaiting For Godot, which starred Bert Lahr best known as the Cowardly Lion in THE WIZARD OF OZ as Estragon and E G Marshall as Vladimir While you still wouldn t get the visual dimension of the play, hearing the actors bring the characters to life adds new layers to the play that you would never get merely by reading it Lahr was an unexpected choice to star in the play, given that he wasn t an actor so much as a vaudevillian comedian His acting style was too over the top to be convincing in film though perfect for the Cowardly Lion I read somewhere I don t recall where that he was like a cartoon character incarnated than a human He nonetheless gives a marvelous performance here Marshall was one of the most distinguished stage actors of his generation and than holds his own with Lahr while acting as the straight man.If you listen to the recording while reading the book, the performance that will most come to life is that of Lucky I d read the play 2 or 3 times over the years and seen it once on the stage in which I now realize was a rather tame production, but had not really paid much attention to Lucky His main contribution was a single, very long speech not terribly unlike the long speech given by The Fireman in Ionesco s THE BALD SOPRANO in terms of length and its absurdity a speech that I gave in a college performance of the play Read on the page it can seem interesting and silly, but hearing the actor though it wasn t indicated in the recording, Alvin Epstein played Lucky in the original Broadway production and it is almost certainly him here perform the speech is revelatory He doesn t say the words so much as shriek, yelp, gasp, bark, and screech them Hearing Lucky s speech performed by a talented actor transforms your appreciation of both the speech and the play.This is one of the truly great works of the 20th Century, one of the key plays making up what Martin Esslin dubbed The Theatre of the Absurd, but it is not best experienced by reading it on the page Try to see it performed instead, or at bare minimum in the Bert Lahr E G Marshall version noted above You wouldn t think that you had experienced a Bob Dylan song merely by reading the lyrics, and so also you won t experience WAITING FOR GODOT unless you hear or see it performed. I thought this was a newer version, the one that is on YouTube Did not realize it was a black and white version from 1961 Both the audio and video are very poor quality It s almost not even watchable. I ordered this version as well as the version starring Barry McGovern part of the Beckett on Film Series and although both were good, the Beckett on Film version is better This version feels slightly dated, and not because it s in black and white whereas the BOF version is in colour It feels slightly overdone and a little too clownish It s worth watching but if you have to choose one version to buy, go with the newer BOF film. The story I heard was that when this play was first performed, it was ill received by the audiences and quickly closed Then, a group of inmates at Jolliet Prison undertook the production for their fellow prisoners When the last line was spoken and the curtain went down, there was absolute silence, and not a dry eye in the house They understood every nuance of the play I m not sure if this is a true story or not, but I like it, and I like the play I work with people with brain injuries, and the clients that are never quite content I warmly think of as waiting for their own Godot s. Famously Described By The Irish Critic Vivien Mercier As A Play In Which Nothing Happens, Twice , En Attendant Godot Was First Performed At The Theatre De Babylone In Paris In