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A Stirring And Timely Book New York Times Book Review After Her Father Was Murdered, Mar A Escaped In The Middle Of The Night With Her Mother Zaynab Was Out Of School For Two Years As She Fled War Before Landing In America Her Sister, Sabreen, Survived A Harrowing Journey To Italy Ajida Escaped Horrific Violence, But Then Found Herself Battling The Elements To Keep Her Family Safe In Her Powerful New Book, Nobel Peace Prize Winner And New York Times Bestselling Author Malala Yousafzai Introduces Some Of The People Behind The Statistics And News Stories About The Millions Of People Displaced Worldwide Malala S Experiences Visiting Refugee Camps Caused Her To Reconsider Her Own Displacement First As An Internally Displaced Person When She Was A Young Child In Pakistan, And Then As An International Activist Who Could Travel Anywhere In The World Except To The Home She Loved In We Are Displaced, Which Is Part Memoir, Part Communal Storytelling, Malala Not Only Explores Her Own Story, But She Also Shares The Personal Stories Of Some Of The Incredible Girls She Has Met On Her Journeys Girls Who Have Lost Their Community, Relatives, And Often The Only World They Ve Ever Known In A Time Of Immigration Crises, War, And Border Conflicts, We Are Displaced Is An Important Reminder From One Of The World S Most Prominent Young Activists That Every Single One Of The Million Currently Displaced Is A Person Often A Young Person With Hopes And Dreams

5 thoughts on “We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World

  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    My wish is that this book is read by people who can t see that there is a human being behind each displaced person That there is a story behind every life That we all want the same thing, a life worth living.

  2. ZW ZW says:

    My 8 yr old daughter and I learned a lot from listening to these inspiring survival stories from women from around the globe It is hard to imagine loosing everything including loved ones How these girls managed to overcome their losses and ordeals are life lessons that no one should ever experience Very relevant in the unstable world we currently live in to raise awareness on the lives of the refugees we might have around us and on our own vulnerabilities.

  3. Jamie Hejduk Jamie Hejduk says:

    We Are Displaced tells the story of Malala and her family becoming internally displaced and then living in England after she was shot as well as the stories of several other women and girls who have been displaced as well The stories are told in their own words with their own emotions Some are still living in refugee camps, some are working hard to make a new life in a new country One didn t even learn why her parents fled when she was young and one adopted a refugee family when they arrived in America These are all important stories to know As I read the book, I found myself reading bits and pieces to anyone who would listen I very highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

  4. Amber Garabrandt Amber Garabrandt says:

    No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.You only run for the border when you see the whole cityrunning as well Warsan Shire, Home I wrote this book because it seems that too many people don t understand that refugees are ordinary people All that differentiates them is that they got caught in the middle of a conflict that forced them to leave their homes, their loved ones, and the only lives they had known They risked so much along the way, and why Because it is too often a choice between life and death And, as my family did a decade ago, they chose life Malala Yousafzai in prologue I think this about up the book s message perfectly Here are stories from different girls and a few women that she met while visiting areas as an activist They are short, but they are haunting As far as how I feel about the book I love it I want everyone to read it Far too often the immigration process is seen as a political crisis, and not a humanitarian one It is easy to read about it and see only numbers Each one, though, is attached to a person who risked everything for a safer or just plain better life As humans we deserve to be safe, to know that our family won t be killed that there is a community that will stand beside us Can you imagine having to leave everything you know just to find something so simple For me, this is a five star book It is absolutely necessary, especially in this political climate In honesty, I want everyone reading and discussing this book as well as a few others The Newcomers Helen ThorpeThe Diary of Ma Yan, Te Struggles and Hopes of a Chinese Schoolgirl Ma Yan, edited by Pierre HaskiCall Me American, Abdi Nor IftinHarbor Me, Jacqueline Woodson As an American, I know how lucky I am I have food, education, my family is safe and healthy Everyone deserves these things I am no different than any of the girls in this book except that I was born in a country where these things are taken for granted I thank God for that and I want it for everyone In order to understand how the people seeking to immigrate, or applying for asylum, are feeling I can only look for their stories To try to empathize here, with this collection, it s impossible not to On the adult content scale, there s a lot of hard hitting stuff here violence, assault, language pain It s emotionally charged and it will wreck you On the other hand, it s handled in such a way that I would still let my niece read this, or recommend it for required reading in school I give it a four.

  5. Victoria Pavlov Victoria Pavlov says:

    The best book that I have ever read