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A tour de force in understanding theater, and ourselves One of my top 10 books of all time, worthy of re reading and re reading. Anne Bogart Is An Award Winning Theatre Maker, And A Best Selling Writer Of Books About Theatre, Art, And Cultural Politics In This Her Latest Collection Of Essays She Explores The Story Telling Impulse, And Asks How She, As A Product Of Postmodernism , Can Reconnect To The Primal Act Of Making Meaning And Telling Stories She Also Asks How Theatre Practitioners Can Think Of Themselves Not As Stagers Of Plays But Orchestrators Of Social Interactions And Participants In An On Going Dialogue About The Future We Dream And Then Occasionally We Attempt To Share Our Dreams With Others In Recounting Our Dreams We Try To Construct A Narrative We Also Make Stories Out Of Our Daytime Existence The Human Brain Is A Narrative Creating Machine That Takes Whatever Happens And Imposes Chronology, Meaning, Cause And Effect We Choose We Can Choose To Relate To Our Circumstances With Bitterness Or With Openness The Stories That We Tell Determine Nothing Less Than Personal Destiny From The Introduction This Compelling New Book Is Characteristically Made Up Of Chapters With One Word Titles Spaciousness, Narrative, Heat, Limits, Error, Politics, Arrest, Empathy, Opposition, Collaboration And Sustenance In Addition To Dipping Into Neuroscience, Performance Theory And Sociology, Bogart Also Recounts Vivid Stories From Her Own Life But As Neuroscience Indicates, The Event Of Remembering What Happened Is In Fact The Creation Of Something New An excellent book The style is in the new academic style, with plenty of confessional reflections, but overall, it is sharp, penetrating and intelligently written. Anne Bogart brings revelations of space, time, intention, and direction through reflection of her own history Reminding us of the struggle of a young artist with huge dreams and leading us through her mind as she attains goals, Bogart writes with passion and a sense of honesty that we can all relate to Inspiring reflection on one s own practice, What s the Story offers a way to clearly listen and respond to ourselves and the art we make This informs our psychology, motivation, spatial, and temporal choices, gesture, physical action and dramaturgy as she addresses the how and why of the creative choices we make as artists through the lens of a director This series of essays creates relationalities between the performing arts, bridging the gap between directors, choreographers, actors, and dancers. She did it again guys Her new book is a continuation of her thoughts found in her earlier books, but with a twist Here, she focuses on the art of storytelling What compels us to tell stories How do we continue to thrive as artists Who really needs theater Here, she even goes further into the scientific and sociological aspects of why we enjoy a good story Do yourself a favor and buy this book I assure you, you will not be disappointed.