books pdf What Scientists Have to Say About Juggling:: An overview of the effects of juggling on the mind and body.Author Thom Wall –

The nerdiest non nerdy explanation of the current state of juggling research in the world Super legit content, mixed with light touch of humor Craig Quatquatprops This paper is in depth, interesting, and informative Thom has dug up some of the juiciest academic and scientific tid bits of our art to help legitimize and de stigmatize the word jugglerTime spent reading this book will not only deeply intrigue the casual reader but help facilitate the education potentials of teachers and hobbyists, alike Benjamin DomaskbenjamindomaskThis ebook covers an incredible amount of research, while keeping the information engaging and useful for a juggling practice I have been either training, performing, or teaching juggling for about two decades, and I learned a ton Whether youre just discovering an interest in juggling or youre far down the rabbit hole, read this todayJeremy Fein feinmovementThom Wall is an American juggler who specializes in learning juggling tricks from the past He has performed in twelve countries on four continents, including a run of his solo history show On the Topic of Juggling at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC Thom also performed as a solo act with Cirque du Soleils touring big top show Totem for four yearsIn , La Universidad Mesoamericana, home to Mexicos traditional circus school, presented Thom with La Medalla Crotalus Scholaris This is the institutions highest honor, and was given to him to indelibly recognize his career as a jugglerThom holds a Masters degree in Nonprofit Arts Administration from Drexel University, a Bachelors degree in Germanic Langauges and Literatures from Washington University in St Louis, and certifications in Adult Education from Cambridge UniversityTo learnabout Thom, visit his website thomwall

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