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The Benefits Of Juggling What Scientists Have To Say About Juggling Is The Most Complete Literature Overview Of Juggling Research To DateDid You Know That Learning To Juggle Changes Your Brain Density Did You Know That Juggling Has Been Proven To Reduce Clinical Anxiety Did You Know That Juggling Boosts Your Ability To Engage In Complex Mental Tasks In The Past Fifteen Years, Many Scientists Have Used Three Ball Juggling In Their Experiments When Studying Complex Motor Task Learning These Studies Have Given Us Incredible Insight Not Only Into Motor Learning As A Whole, But Also Into Juggling As A Skill That Affects Our Minds And Brains Most Of These Papers Lie In Academic Journals That Arent Read By Circus Professionals, However, So They Are Relatively Unknown To The Juggling World All Of These Studies And Are Detailed And Explained In The Ebook What Scientists Have To Say About Juggling The Most Complete Literature Overview Of Juggling Research To DateWhat S In The BookIn This Ebook, Youll Learn How Long You Need To See A Moving Object In Order To Catch It, How Your Brain Grows When Learning The Three Ball Cascade, The Difference Between Monkeys And Humans When Learning New Skills, The Effects Of Napping On Jugglers, The Benefits Of Juggling As Active Meditation, And Its The Science Of Juggling, Thoroughly Explained

5 thoughts on “What Scientists Have to Say About Juggling:: An overview of the effects of juggling on the mind and body. (English Edition)

  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    Dive into this paper for a fun and informative read about juggling Thom explains how juggling increases the growth of both grey and white matter in the brain, decreases anxiety, is an active meditation skill, and is FUN All of the information is backed by research there is an extensive bibliography I am an older juggler I began learning two years ago when I was 62 I can attest to so much of what is written here I LOVE goinig out everyday during lunch and practicing juggling I get outside in the air and sun, I have learned to juggle 3 balls and am so proud and happy , I grin most of the time while I am out there, and the people who walk past me almost always smile, and sometimes stop and join me I always carry an extra set of ball I juggle on a college campus, and it has been wonderful to become a part of the background doing something atypical that brings joy to everyone There can never be too much juggling, and you are never too old to learn Thanks, Thom, for your research and fun paper I look forward to of your writing

  2. Joyce Howard Joyce Howard says:

    This book is a great overview of the research on how learning to juggle affects the brain It also covers juggling practice effects I especially enjoyed the part about how napping after practice improves performance How amazing is that I would recommend this book to anyone interested in improving cognitive abilities for themselves or any group at any age.

  3. Brian Koenig Brian Koenig says:

    Thom Wall does a splendid job outlining decades of scientific research on the topic of juggling and explaining why it matters in this concise and entertaining ebook Anyone interested in picking up juggling or simply learning how to learn should definitely give this a read.

  4. Jeff Jeff says:

    I d recommend this book to any juggler, or anyone interested in juggling It gives some sources on stuff you ve thought or heard to be true It s fun to put some science to the advice you give and have been given.

  5. Roger P. Roger P. says:

    Very interesting read You never know the simple things you can do that will enhance your mind while also providing a new source of income