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Ben Horowitz, A Leading Venture Capitalist, Modern Management Expert, And New York Times Bestselling Author, Combines Lessons Both From History And Modern Organisational Practice With Practical And Often Surprising Advice To Help Executives Build Cultures That Can Weather Both Good And Bad Times In What You Do Is Who You Are, Ben Horowitz, Bestselling Author Of The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Turns His Attention To A Question Crucial To Every Organisation How Do You Create And Sustain The Culture You Want What You Do Is Who You Are Explains How To Make Your Culture Purposeful By Spotlighting Four Models Of Leadership And Culture Building The Leader Of The Only Successful Slave Revolt, Haiti S Toussaint Louverture The Samurai, Who Ruled Japan For Seven Hundred Years And Shaped Modern Japanese Culture Genghis Khan, Who Built The World S Largest Empire And Shaka Senghor, An American Ex Con Who Created The Most Formidable Prison Gang In The Yard And Ultimately Transformed Prison Culture What You Do Is Who You Are Is A Journey Through Culture, From Ancient To Modern Along The Way, It Answers A Question Fundamental To Any Organisation Who Are We

3 thoughts on “What You Do Is Who You Are

  1. Francesco S. Pasqualini Francesco S. Pasqualini says:

    Ben Horowitz writing style, honestly raw attitude, and carefully considered choice of topics and examples makes the book very pleasant to read And gives you a lot to think about, which is the whole point after all

  2. Carol Munyua Carol Munyua says:

    An entertaining candid book.A fun, entertaining, honest book.Culture is highly infectious.It reminds us to enhance our culture.Peter Drucker said, culture eats strategy for breakfast.Culture begins with me and you We are continuously, consistently building our culture and our core attributes We have control of who we are, how we treat others and how we let others treat us We have control over what we accept from the people around us.Peter Drucker said, culture eats strategy for breakfast.Great book about understanding, building, and eventually changing the culture of an organization.

  3. Fatmonky Fatmonky says:

    I read this, and think this is one of the most important books for managers and leaders aspiring and future to read, together with Grove s High Output Management , Horowitz s other book Hard Thing about Hard Things , and Mintzberg s Simply Managing.But I would say that this book trumps the others, because a culture is what makes an organization tick even if the leaders are not there As leaders are the stewards and gardeners of the organization culture, this makes this book even important than the others above.