[BÜCHER] ✮ What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture (English Edition) Nach Ben Horowitz – Bilb-weil.de

Praise For The Hard Thing About Hard Things For Anyone Interested In Building, Growing Or Leading A Great Company, This Book Is An Incredibly Valuable Resource And A Funny And Insightful Read Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Of Facebook Ben S Book Is A Great Read With Uncomfortable Truths About Entrepreneurship And How To Lead A Company Larry Page, CEO Of Google Stripping Away The Veneer Of Management Speak, Ben S Writing Carries The Authority Of Somebody Who Has Been Through All Of This This Results Are Simple, Thorough And Compelling Dick Costolo, CEO Of Twitter More Than Any Other Business Book Released This Year, Hard Things Gives An Insider S Perspective On What It S Like To Lead And Scale A Start Up Business Insider S Best Business Books Of This Is Easily One Of The Essential Books Every Business Leader Should Read If They Re Looking For Proven And Honest Management Advice Entrepreneur S Amazing Business Books From The Most Valuable Book On Start Up Management Hands Down PandoDaily There Is Than Enough Substance In Mr Horowitz S Impressive Tome To Turn It Into A Leadership Classic The EconomistBen Horowitz, A Leading Venture Capitalist, Modern Management Expert, And New York Times Bestselling Author Combines Lessons Both From History And Modern Organisational Practice With Practical And Often Surprising Advice To Help Us Build Cultures That Can Weather Both Good And Bad TimesThe Times And Circumstances In Which People Were Raised Often Shape Them Yet A Few Leaders Have Managed To Shape Their Times In This Follow Up To The Bestselling Business Classic The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Ben Horowitz Turns His Attention To A Question Crucial To Every Organisation How Do You Create And Sustain The Culture You Want This Book Is A Journey Through Cultures Ancient To Modern, Spotlighting Models Of Leadership And Culture Building From The Samurai To Prison Gangs Along The Way, It Answers Fundamental Questions Who Are We How Do People Talk About Us When Were Not Around How Do We Treat Our Customers Can We Be Trusted Because Who You Are Is Not The Values You List On The Wall Its Not What You Say In A Company Wide Meeting Its Not Your Marketing Campaign Its Not Even What You Believe Who You Are Is What You Do This Book Will Help You Do The Things Needed To Become The Kind Of Leader You Want To Be And Others Want To Follow

6 thoughts on “What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture (English Edition)

  1. Marina Marina says:

    This is definetly must read book to get insights to the topic how to build a good enviroment within both startup and large enterprise.

  2. Francesco S. Pasqualini Francesco S. Pasqualini says:

    Ben Horowitz writing style, honestly raw attitude, and carefully considered choice of topics and examples makes the book very pleasant to read And gives you a lot to think about, which is the whole point after all

  3. Fatmonky Fatmonky says:

    I read this, and think this is one of the most important books for managers and leaders aspiring and future to read, together with Grove s High Output Management , Horowitz s other book Hard Thing about Hard Things , and Mintzberg s Simply Managing.But I would say that this book trumps the others, because a culture is what makes an organization tick even if the leaders are not there As leaders are the stewards and gardeners of the organization culture, this makes this book even important than the others above.

  4. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. says:

    There are so many specific references to numbers etc that underlay the book The numbers are not sourced or questioned by Ben If you do not buy the history quoted the premise of the book falters Too many references when actual events, motivations etc were not really known to be quoted as facts.

  5. Soheil Etemadi Soheil Etemadi says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book It s easy to read and interesting Kept my attention The book has a variety of examples regarding how cultures are made and also there applications in other fields It also has some good qualifications on culture Meaning that its HARD One of my favorite books.

  6. Nathan S. Collier Nathan S. Collier says:

    It s a good book, the reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is that Ben or his co ghost author felt compelled to follow that hoary old technique of dredging up a handful of historical figures and projecting traits on to them that allow you to espouse the principles you wish to proclaim.Lots of good stuff, just have to mine it out from all the filler