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Where s Boois a guessing game in board book form Very young readers will love searching for Boo the black cat among familiar Halloween characters and objectsand finding something unexpected instead Each page offers a hint of Boo, but it isn t until the last page that readers will find him And when they do, they ll want to start all over and do it again With an updated cover, this board book is the perfect treat for trick or treaters

15 thoughts on “Where's Boo?

  1. Mr L Mr L says:

    My daughter enjoys this, but it only has a few pages and only the front cover is texturedwould be much improved with a few textures to feel inside

  2. Eva Eva says:

    Love this, bought the others

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    My 20 month old loves the book

  4. Dominic T. Sedillo Dominic T. Sedillo says:

    I love the Where s Boo Valentine edition, BUT this one is so much fun It s so simple and cute My 2 year old really enjoys it It s a simple interactive book.

  5. Kate Kate says:

    Bought this for a Halloween read for my one and three year olds We have Opposnakes and Do Cows Meow by this same author and really like them, so I was expecting another hit This one is kind of disappointing The text doesn t quite work and the pictures don t quite work either, it just seems hastily thrown together with little effort That said, my kids both enjoyed it and still pick it up to look at or read together every few days I wouldn t recommend it or buy it again, unlike the two Yoon books mentioned above.

  6. Sondra Thornton Sondra Thornton says:

    My granddaughter loves it She s only 19 months old, but will answer No whenever I ask, Is boo hiding an she actually knocks on the door on the last one Love it

  7. Alissa Alissa says:

    Easy quick read for my busy 1 year old He loves this book and the Where s Ellie book too.

  8. Jessica Willmore Jessica Willmore says:

    Exactly as expected

  9. demolatte demolatte says:

    Its my child s second favorite book I didnt realise it would be a great hit among her collection I guess she has momy s taste It kept her busy in a short airplane trip That says a lot

  10. Kari S. Kari S. says:

    My now 4 year old loved this book when we got it from the library after it first came out Now my 22 month old adores it, and his big brother can read it to him Another Salina Yoon masterpiece

  11. EGEndeavors EGEndeavors says:

    Cute book but it was shorter had less content than I expected.

  12. Jaa Jaa says:

    LOOKS like a cute book but I don t have an e reader I didn t realize I was ordering an e book.

  13. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    My son adores this book and asks for Boo Boo all the time It is quite short and simple though.

  14. Nancy B. Nancy B. says:

    One of my granddaughter s favorite books At a year and a half she would read the book to herself, asking Where s Boo Boo

  15. Eastvale Educator Eastvale Educator says:

    We have a black and white cat so this book is perfect for our house It is one of the final two in our nightly story ritual We add on copy number three due to the occasional yummy bite and the first one having a loose spine.