{Pdf} Where The Story Starts (English Edition)Author Imogen Clark – Bilb-weil.de

Shortlisted for the RNAs Goldsboro Books Contemporary Romantic Novel AwardA strange encounter An unlikely friendship But will it survive when they both know the truth As single mother Leah struggles to get her children ready one morning, the doorbell rings Standing on the doorstep of their terraced house in Whitley Bay is a well dressed stranger, Clio, who feels an emotional tie to the house that she cant explain The story should end there, but a long buried secret is already on its way to the surfaceIn some ways the two women couldnt bedifferent Leahs a mother of two and the daughter of a barmaid Clios a perennially single heiress to her baroness mothers estate But where Leah lacks grown up company, Clio lacks any experience of the real world, and the unlikely friendship sparked by their curious first meeting offers both of them a welcome respite from the routine of their livesIt is a friendship that will answer questions neither of them knew to ask, uncovering secret stories from the past that have stayed hidden for decades But will it also be the catalyst for them to finally feel that they belong

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