Audible Wig Making and Styling: A Complete Guide for Theatre & FilmAuthor Martha Ruskai –

I ordered this book because I want to learn how to add hair to a lace top wig and instructional material is scarce I was a bit put off by the price of this book but I think it is worth the money This book is written by two people that have years of experience making and caring for wigs They photos are great, the different techniques are great and they really go into great detail in the art of making theatrical and non theatrical wigs. Wig Making And Styling A Complete Guide For Theatre And Film, Second Edition Is The One Stop Shop For The Knowledge And Skills You Need To Create And Style Wigs Covering The Basics, From Styling Tools To Creating Beards, It Ramps Up To Advanced Techniques For Making, Measuring, Coloring, And Cutting Wigs From Any Time Period Whether You Re A Student Or A Professional, You Ll Find Yourself Prepared For A Career As A Skilled Wig Designer With Tips On Altering Existing Wigs, Multiple Approaches To Solving Wig Making Problems, And Industry Best Practices For anyone truly interested in actually making building repairing lace wigs, this book is a treasure I was actually a little surprised that it goes into such detailed depth with regards to not only wigmaking, but all the other kinds of hairpieces and how they are made and when to use them when working in theater or tv The pictures are all clear, and well lit There s even a few very short companion videos on an accompanying website showing knotting and sewing techniques.The only thing i think would make this book better is an accompanying dvd to show techniques in real time, and websites sources to actually buy tools and lace and hair from The author makes references to one website in particular, which i visited, and there s very little actually on the website, sent them an email, to which i never received a reply It can be hard to find all the tools materials you need for wigmaking in one spot, so i ve had to piece my kit together from several different places, including ebay You ve gotta shop around though, cuz several people sell the exact same things, some very reasonably, and some mark prices up dramatically to make a larger profitSo in a nutshell, i would definitely recommend this book It s like the textbook of wigmaking The book, combined with the author s short vids, and user uploaded vids on youtube are all you need to learn to make build repair knot lace wigs. Phenomenal read and sets you on the right track for professional wig making I suggest getting the next Volume for in depth styling techniques through the ages I purchased Victorian to Present , as this book focuses on the basic foundations of caring for, washing, storing, steaming and even building wigs I personally was up to speed with most of the chapters, but there were amazing details about adding lacefront to hardfront wigs and ventilating lace and hair direction and head measurements and tracings It s like my new bible for ventilating. Wonderfully detailed photos and description of the ventilation process as well as many other techniques and terms used in the business A comprehensive text that I plan to refer to a lot in the future I also recommend Allison Lowery s other two other texts entitled Historical Wig Styling.