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To the people who come to this page thinking it s the signed variant cover limited edition, please contact the sellers before you place orders Signed edition and variant cover edition is identical, but signed edition has got an extra page with Stan Winston s signature and limited edition number, but both versions are of the first edition and same ISBN number The signed edition has got a sticker on the dust jacket, SIGNED LIMITED EDITION Not all sellers themselves are aware of these things. For Over Years, Stan Winston And His Team Of Artists And Technicians Have Been Creating Characters, Creatures And Monsters For The Silver Screen, From The Terminator And The Extraterrestrial Monstrosities Of Aliens And Predator To The Amazing Dinosaurs Of Jurassic Park And The Fanciful Character Of Edward Scissorhands Now, At Last, He S Opening Up The Stan Winston Studios To Collaborate On The First Ever Book To Reveal All The Behind The Scenes Secrets Of His Groundbreaking And Hugely Influential Artistry And Effects Work Featuring An Extensive Array Of Sketches, Production Art, And Photographs Straight From The Studio Archives, This Is The Book His Fans Have Been Waiting For I have been a long time fan of Hollywood creature effect designers such as Stan Winston, Rick Baker, Patrick Tatopoulos, and many others So when I have a knowledge of the existence of this book, I immediately ordered my copy Boy, was my satisfactions all fulfilled It s a choke load with details of Stan Winston s life, and the creations of iconic Stan Winston Studio.The author managed to divide the chapters in the books into periods that mark the creations of Stan s legendary creatures Aliens, Terminators, Predators, and the Jurassic Park s Dinosaurs lead the pack with the rest of the other smaller profiled Winston characters are featured in comprehensive and glorious coverages Great stills, conceptual designs, behind the scene materials, whatever you ask for, this books fulfills The writing by Jody Duncan is also very informative without being tiresome.And I can get enough of Crash McCreery s artworks One of Stan Winston s most prolific conceptualizers, his designs brought to life many of SWS monster charcaters Here s hoping that one day, somebody will publish an Art of Crash McCreery book. first offthis is great book in many ways..presented in a most professional and clean manner, a publishing work of art to go with the works of art inside.the history of Stan and his team of talents is vast and covered very well in text and of course with images to amaze the design, constuction and presentation of the art of Special make up effects in the films that have become icons and benchmarks for fx artists to admire and try to outdo, well they are all there, of course there could always be details and information but any book of this scale is going to be marketed to a broader audience than myself and my peers in the fx world, but this book does a wonderful job of presenting what we do and what we would love to acheive in very warm and fun light Thanks to Stan for being the ring leader of such a talented circus of artists Anthony Veilleux, Make up fx artist We bought this book for our son, a huge fan of Stan Winston s work, for his 13th birthday Of all of his presents, he showed the most excitment about this book It is a HUGE hardbound book easily 12 x 12 x 1 1 2 thick with an AWESOME cover It is full of amazing full color production pictures, stills, and artwork and is a thorough examination of Winston s long and illustrious career in Hollywood The book is a little pricey at 30 , but it is well worth it when you see the wealth of material presented between its covers It is by far and away the best career retrospective book that I have ever read. Incre ble, miles de fotos y una calidad excepcional, aprendes much simas cosas y tienes cientos de horas de entretenimiento Muy recomendado para los que les guste el cine y los behind the scenes I am an aspiring video game special effects creature character design student and am I glad I purchased this book The content is unbelievably inspirational as it explains how Stan Winston came to become one of the, if not thee greatest special effects pioneer master ever It reveals Stan s mentality of curiousity and desire to push creative bounderies, and how he went from award winning make up artist to puppetry, taking from Jim Henson s muppet wizardry to another level by creating realistic and monster puppets for movies, to todays CGI In the book Winston explains his thought process and problems and solutions for many of my favorite movies as well as steps in designing creating many of my favorite movie creatures like The Thing, Alien, Terminator, Predator and countless The pictures are spectacular and there are many of them including behind the scene pics, various awesome artist Art paintings Character Creature designs from Crash McCreery and Aaron Sims Basically the book is a Winston biography History of Special Effects The Art of the Film for a sh tload of top movies Behind the scenes pics and personal stories for a sh tload of top movies An incredibly interesting motivating captivating read.All of this for which I paid thru is a complete steal and definitely a must have if you aspire to study or simply enjoy the special effects process.