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My name is AugustI won t describe to you what I look likeWhatever you re thinking, it s probably worse Ten year old August Pullman wants to be ordinary He does ordinary things He eats ice cream He plays on his Xbox He feels ordinary insideBut Auggie is far from ordinary Born with a terrible facial abnormality, he has been home schooled by his parents his entire life, in an attempt to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world Now, Auggie s parents are sending him to a real school Can he convince his new classmates that he s just like them, underneath it all Narrated by Auggie and the people around him whose lives he touches, Wonder is a frank, funny, astonishingly moving debut to be read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page

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  1. Cinzia_C. Cinzia_C. says:

    Anche se preso in inglese per sbaglio non ho avuto difficolt nella lettura, facile e scorrevole Guardare il mondo con gli occhi di August un esperienza unica e strabiliante, ti fa capire come siamo realmente agli occhi di chi uguale a noi Un grande insegnamento per tutti noi, quando abbiamo davanti qualcuno che diverso da noi non dobbiamo pensare che sia diverso da noi, perch vuole fare le nostre stesse cose.

  2. w.quantrill w.quantrill says:

    un libro da leggere scritto in modo egregio e semplice allo stesso tempo, consigliato non vi sono parti tristi ma piuttosto un avventura della mente e dello humor, alcune parti si leggono di un fiato comprate non ve ne pentirete

  3. Cliente mariahilff.de Cliente mariahilff.de says:

    Libro che lascer qualcosa in tutti i suoi lettori Una lezione di vita insegnataci da un ragazzino di 10 anni con una deformazione facciale Valore dell amicizia e dell unione della famiglia Nonostante molti saranno contro di noi, noi dobbiamo essere coraggiosi abbastanza da considerare chi al nostro fianco, perch insieme che poi potremmo combattere e riuscire nell intento di vincere Io ho preso il libro in lingua originale Facile lettura per tutti, anche per chi alle prime mani con l inglese Ottimo per poter cominciare.

  4. Ilaria Catalano Ilaria Catalano says:

    L ho comprato per esercitare il mio inglese e imparare nuovi vocaboli E perfetto per questo utilizzo E scritto in maniera semplice e soprattutto diviso per capitoli bevi quindi riesco a leggerlo senza troppa fatica.La storia non la conoscevo ed molto bella oltre che toccante Una volta finito toccher al film.

  5. LaValeCats LaValeCats says:

    Ho scelto di leggere questo libro in inglese giusto per tenere allenata la lingua E scritto in modo molto semplice, sono ricorsa al dizionario solo in pochissimi casi La trama del romanzo molto carina, profonda e toccante Temevo fosse un libro unicamente triste, ma si rivelato tutt altro Lo consiglio vivamente.

  6. Cliente mariahilff.de Cliente mariahilff.de says:

    Spettacolare.Ho deciso di comprarlo in lingua per cimentarmi un po in qualcosa di diverso e devo dire che me ne sono innamorata Scrittura semplice e capitoli molto brevi, da tenerti sempre attaccata finch non lo hai terminato.Consigliatissimo a grandi e piccini, una grande lezione di vita.

  7. Elena A. Elena A. says:

    Bellissimo Fa riflettere Consigliato dalla prof per mio figlio di 11 anni L ho letto anch io e merita davvero Non acquister per i seguiti perch temo risultono ripetitivi Questo per molto ben scritto Lo consiglio una lettura diversa, non scontata.

  8. Flaviano Flaviano says:

    Che dire.un libro per i compiti estivi dei ragazzi Suggerisco di comprarli nuovi perch potrebbero arrivarvi gi svolti, inoltre controllate bene se la lingua quella corretta.

  9. Leonidas Dimakopoulos Leonidas Dimakopoulos says:

    I am almost 10 years old and I recently finished reading Wonder It is one of my favorite books so far I would like to say that I would like to go on a walk and meet all the characters, except Julian and the boys that bullied Augie This book showed me that you don t judge a boy by his appearance because that s on the outside I would cheer for everybody I would cheer ten times for Augie AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE, AUGIE Then for Olivia OLIVIA, OLIVIA, OLIVIA, OLIVIA, OLIVIA Then for Isabelle ISABELLE, ISABELLE, ISABELLE, ISABELLE, ISABELLE and then for Nate NATE, NATE, NATE, NATE, NATE Also for Summer SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER For Miranda MIRANDA, MIRANDA, MIRANDA, MIRANDA, MIRANDA For Ella ELLA, ELLA, ELLA For Jack JACK, JACK, JACK, JACK, JACK For Henry HENRY, HENRY, HENRY For Amos AMOS, AMOS, AMOS For Miles MILES, MILES, MILES For Charlotte CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE And for all of Augie s classmates and all the teachers and the school principal And if there were than 5 stars in the rating system, I would definitely give the author as many stars as possible

  10. paperdoll paperdoll says:

    It s a great book to raise awareness of people living with craniofacial abnormality Also very sad in parts But I did not like the format, it s not a novel with a storyline a guide to what it s like to live with craniofacial abnormality Should be in fact not fiction section in library It s okay, nowhere near as good as many reviews make out on here Perhaps I am so disappointed as my expectations were very high but it s definitely not deserving of the thousands of 5 stars It is definitely suitable for children I found the first part engaging but skimmed the last part which was pretty dull Nothing really happens and there s no real message in it other than to do what seems obvious to me look beyond the cosmetic to the person inside Or look at people with your heart as the Little Prince points out Certainly much will be lost on anyone who doesn t get American culture and doesn t have children at middle and high school.

  11. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    Enjoyed the book Read it as a suggestion from a new book club I think it is fundamentally a book written for children, an ideal book to read with to a child I found it in some ways idealistic, a rose coloured view of what reality can be like But a good book to educate a child on relationships, feelings and the effect our actions have on our peers I would definitely have enjoyed reading to my son when he was young It does portray a very positive view of humanity The characters in the book are mostly intelligent, well educated, nice human beings something in reality is not always the case.

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    When your nine year old recommends a book, you don t expect to sit down and finish it in one sitting You also don t expect to laugh and cry, to feel the pain and joy of a mother, and to come away feeling so grateful for your own life, and so moved by someone else s story, even though this isn t actually based on any particular person s reality, but rather the collective experiences of many turned into one.Who said Children experience the world as it is presented to them Google doesn t even seem to know Maybe I made it up, but I was struck by that in this fantastic story about a boy born with not one, but two genetic defects that made him intellectually normal but physically very different He wasn t disabled or handicapped, just deformed, and though he knew himself to be different, he was just that himself As he leaves homeschooling and goes to a private, but normal, schoolhe faces the challenges you d expect the assigned friend who becomes a real friend, the betrayal of people who pretend to be his friends, the discovery of true friendship by a child who chooses kindness While the book glosses very briefly over a lot of the reality of being a person who has to undergo numerous surgeries time and again, and the physical impact that has on said person, it does a good job of presenting the world through the eyes of a 9 10 year old boy It looks at one year of school through a variety of different points of view and takes not only the main character but all the other characters through a growth journey.It s a serious subject but is presented with lots of laughter and lightness, and I m so thrilled that Kyra has been reading it and enjoyed it enough to recommend it.I tell my girls all the time that courage and kindness will get them through life, and this book thoroughly reinforces that point.A highly recommended read, especially for young people I believe there s so much value in learning to see the world through others eyes, and sharing even briefly in their experience.

  13. Trace Trace says:

    Lovely story for adults and children Bought it as had read about film in paper and glad I did Thought it might be for a child but definitely a read for adults and children It is beautifully written and very touching Will be a fairly quick read for adults but maybe that was as could not put it down Hoping my two children will love it too Cannot wait for to see film.